NRA (National Rifle Association)
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030 USA
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13 Replies to “NRA”

  1. It is too hard to find a live person to speak to unless I am wanting to give you money. I have been a life long member and my father before me so I should be able to reach a representative to speak with me.

  2. Let my membership laps years ago because I could never get membership information or name spelled correctly.

    Re-joined this past August…same problem…no membership info, and was just informed I don’t appear to be in their system; however, I receive mail and e-mails on a regular basis. Come on people…get a grip.

  3. After reading the above comments, I am concerned since I haven’t received any confirmation that I am a member after recently having joined. Donna

  4. I believe in the 2nd amendment and thats why I joined the NRA at the gunshow of the west gunshow here in Tucson. I paid $30.00 bucks and was promised that I would get a free gift of a tote bag and a hat as well as being enroled to a raffle for an M1911 colt 45 which only 130 people would be in. (pretty good odds) HMMM, well I never recieved any of these things. not even an E-mail to tell me weather or not I was confirmed in the NRA let alone the so called raffle. I believe there are laws about raffles in which the winner must be posted for those involved which does not seem to be happening. Hey NRA you guys are a CIVAL RIGHTS GROUP and if you do not fallow the letter of the law it’s time for a change of business as usual , cause a civil rights organization can NEVER BE PERCIEVED AS UNLAWFUL or else it is simply CRIMINAL. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  5. I cannot believe you are still in business and I am considering leaving myself and maybe you should be audited! I have had the same types of problems as all the above and maybe even more. The comments were very helpful because I know now I am not alone and better yet there are probably many more just like us. The organization has grown to large and it is obviously out of control! I am sending a certified letter to Wayne Lapierre , the Ex Vice President and also President Mr. James W Porter 11, and “if” he hasn’t heard I will let him know his organization is failing the customer. I support the principles of the NRA, but I also want my Life Membership Packet and not the huge surplus of membership cards. Thanks, I feel a whole lot better now! Emm

  6. My husband and I joined at the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield last month. Now I’m getting worried since reading all the-email above. Nothing so far. I want to be a card holder please.

  7. I bought a new handgun on June 13th 2014 and paid them $25 dollars to join the NRA

    And haven’t received any information on my membership/card or anything can you help me find out something.

    The dealer was bolin firearms , ages ky.

    On 6-13-14. My name is Robert c. FLANARY

    Email address is

    Please let me know if I’m a member or do I need to

    Do something ?

    wasnt offered any perks , just wanted to be among the

    The group that looks out for us.


    American all the way,

    Bob FLANARY.

  8. I renewed my membership in April and have not received my membership card. I received my magazine —-I need the card to renew membership @ local gun club

  9. I am trying to get a copy of my LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP because my wallet was lost. I did get an email informing me that my c-card has expired and I am not able to renew until a new ex date is provided

  10. I am having the same problem it been 6 months and nothing. I called and got the run around. I am regretting joining. The joke is they keep send me information to join. lol..,…

  11. keep receiving phone calls from 855-281-6013 & 855 283 8006 no one ever on the other end, when I research these numbers they show coming from the NRA…I am becoming concerned……

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