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  1. ‘Most gift card have fine print that says that if a gift card goes unused for more than 6 months to a year the company will deduct a few dollars each month after that point that the card continues to go unused. That is probably why you didnt have any money on the card 3 years later.

  2. I RECEIVED A GIFT CARD IN 2006 (GIFT CARD) VALUE 10.00. I RECENTLY WENT TO OFFICE DEPOT AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REP. SAID NOTHING ON YOUR CARD. I replyed, never used this card before until now(June/2009). The young lady ask me to call customer service 1-888-463-3768.I called customer service on today July/2009 and they said nothing they can do about it without the 13 bar code number on the back of the gift card.The gift card on the back only has 6 bar code number from North American Card and Coupon Services, LLC.I will never shop or tell another person to go to Office Depot.I will express my concrens about this company when it comes to purchase gift card(Office Depot) not to purchase. Because the gift card do not hold its value at all!

  3. the service I received was very informative. the service person, juonimo droweth was extremely helpful. I could not ask for anything more. very polite and patient. I think his service was great! thank you

  4. I purchased a computer, monitor and printer on July 5,2014 and before I had gotten programs loaded, my computer was infected with Trojan virus and took me half a day to finally get technical support to get this computer cleaned up and cost me an additional $200.00 for the service. the IT people could not believe it was a new computer and this virus had taken over so much of it.

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