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  1. This e-mail is simply the result of extreme frustration and if I could wish for something I would just wish that what is happening to me would happen to the president of Office Depot. I am sure that he would reorganize half of the company after that and fire a lot of people.

    Situation: I called Office Depot on 12- 30-2014 for the return of a product purchased from your company: a Magellan GPS (the lady processing the transaction created half of the problem). She processed it as a “to be picked up”. After several calls and promises for call backs etc. -where nothing ever happened- it was finally picked up. When I asked for a receipt of the pick-up the driver said he did not have anything but then came back and gave me the piece of paper he had with the data of what and where to make the pick-up. Since we had not yet received the credit weeks after the pick up I called Office Depot again on 1.6.2015 at 866-345-8873 as instructed on some e-mail I received but nobody ever picks up at that extension. The same thing on a call on 1.7.2015. On al later call it said that the mailbox was full.

    So I started to call 1-800-463-3768. This process was even more frustrating. Each agent went through the same script – which I know by heart by now – and always ended up with promises to process the request and that I would get a phone call within 4 hrs. It never happened. On another call, I finally asked for a supervisor and she gave me the same story but said she would look into the situation and that she would call me back in 1 hr. She even gave me her supposed e-mail. But again nothing ever happened even though I sent her several e-mails. When I call back on 2.5.2015 and the agent read some of the entries into the account – which were mostly wrong – I asked for a supervisor again, but none was available.

    So I called back on 2..7.2015 and talked to an agent (again) who told me the same story. So I asked for a supervisor again and she told me (nicely though) that the supervisor would not be able to do anything else than to process a request just as she was offering to do. So that is the status. Nothing resolved nobody has any information or real answers. In the meantime, I have purchased anther GPS and it was not from Office Depot although we have been a customer for may years. I would be grateful if you could let me know when we can expect the credit.

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