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  1. I live in a Senior Citizen complex and we lost power at about 6:30 pm tonight. I tried to call OG&E but was on hold.

    I was afraid my phone battery would die so I hung up and tried to find their web site to report the problem and found this.

    There is also a Senior Citizen complex next door without power.

    The shopping center next door has power. Go figure.

    I agree with everything I’ve read about OG&E, their customer service doesn’t exist. They just don’t care.

    I lived in LA and Honolulu and my electric bills were a lot lower than here in OKC. I don’t get it! Both those states have a very high cost of living. Sooo… why is electricity cheaper there?

    I think the answer is GREED.

    OH Well… If I could change it, I would. But their the only power company in town so what can I do?

    I thought monopolies were illegal as well.

  2. Trying to pay my bill on line & now my computer is not recognized. A token was suppose to be sent to my email address, so far nothing. This is same computer I’ve been using for 3 yrs. On hold for 45 minutes waiting for help.

  3. on july 23 we had a power outage of 2 hours ….fine. things happen . what is unacceptable is how youre automated system is so faulty! never got through, never was my account # accepted, none of the phone # worked. it was a very frustrating 2 hours . very disappointing to say the least!

  4. We just moved in to a home in Edmond and there was a tree growing between our fence and one of your transformers. I called customer service and your man #903 was here within the hour. Thank you and especially him for the prompt and courteous service.


  6. Greedy,Grimmy, DB’s after you pay 1st months rent and deposit to have a place to live for you and your children plus water,gas,and trash bills these jerkrs want you to pay the whole deposit up front plus activation fee that they just drive by and do it with a remote.They honestly dont giva a damn about there customers or the people who pay there bills at there crappy job they WILL NOT work with you in anyway like to breakdown the deposit in monthly installments so kmow that i have already dropped $1000.00 just to rent a place and get the rest of the utilities on i will have to take my kids to live with a relative and just count on losing a whole months rent money i hope these mfr’s get everything they deserve usually you here that lawyers and salesmen or always on bottom of the crap pile in hell but i would have to say OG&E will be right next to them.have a safe day and please dont have an accident on your way home that would break my heart 🙂

  7. I was on a payment plan but because of the holidays my payment was received late , therefore they turned off my electirc and refuse to turn it back on unless I pay the full amount. If I had the full amount I wouldn’t need a payment plan!

  8. Last night after the bad weather hit here on the west side of OKC at 6:30PM, I was prepared with candles and flashlights. I waited till about 10PM to call OGE and got right into customer service. The lady I talked to was very nice and professional. I knew that she could do nothing about the power outage, but she was so calm and when I asked how bad it was she said the outage effected 36,000.

    My power was back on by 12:00AM

    Good Job OGE!!! You did great job around OKC. Thank-you for your hard work.

  9. OG&E is unfortunately all Oklahoma has with which to deal. They have a “natural monopoly”… and in some areas the grids are just very bad and need lots of work. This requires money, and would involve someone paying for it in the end. For pretty much any functional business the main motivation is the bottom line, which means making the consumer pay for any unexpected costs rather than eating them or worse (oh no!) making one of the higher paid leadership forgo a precious vacation or bonus.

    The way around this is to move to other forms of energy. The way to avoid being taxed for using those other forms of energy (yes *certain* politicians want to tax the freaking wind and the sun!) is to not vote for those politicians and support the ones who will not favor their Big Energy lobbyists.

    Note: OG&E call center reps do not even know how payment processing works. I spoke with 3 today who could not tell me something that was listed plainly on the website. If you need to speak to a “supervisor” (?) they have one return your call… like a glorified secretary on Mad Men. I was under the impression the office employees all had to take drug tests and background checks for employment but many of them cannot even practice good listening skills. One would think with as many people needing jobs in the state, they could find some better help.

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