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  1. I can’t find OLAY Total Effects 7 in One wet cloths cleanser–not on Amazon anymore, not on eBay. Sure they’re pricey, but are they ever worth it! I thought I had one more pack of 30 left but I was wrong. I have 4 in my last package. Please help! Where can I buy these?

  2. I, too, have been using the fair to light and cannot find it anywhere. I called their 800 number and was told it is still made. You can go online to Walgreens.com and order it or try Ulta Beauty Care stores.

  3. Does anyone respond to these comments???? This is the third time I’m requesting a response, Did you discontinue the age defying eye gel???? or where can I purchase it????? I have using this product for years. I can afford it. Now that you have the new eye line out (which I can’t afford) I was requesting an answer to why the product was discontinues. It was always off the shelves where I purchase it. It had to be a good seller. Please respond to my email address. Thank you

  4. I have been using your Instant Hydration day serum for a few years now. It makes a perfect base for my make-up.

    I buy it my friends for Birthday and Christmas and they love it however we all have the same complaint. It is the pumping action to get the serum out. It can be very difficult at times and ceases to get the last 25% out resulting in unscrewing the top and using the tube bit to extract as much as you can. Would you consider having a tub container. I know this might increase the price but I am sure more older people would buy it. My friends and I are all over 70 and would welcome an easier way.

    Happy New Year to you all.

  5. I’m currently using the Regenerist line..syrum,micro sculpting,age perfect day…am I duplicating?

    Which of your other products in this line would be most helpful for me to use? The Age Perfect seems a little heavy. I would prefer lighter creams. Thank you for your helpful ideas.

  6. Help!

    I have been searching for Olay total effects 7 tone correcting moisturizer with sunscreen FAIR TO LIGHT. Has this been discontinued? I have never been able to get an answer.

  7. I just met an older woman working at a cash register. We started talking about make-up, an she started raving about your deep wrinkle treatment , but she can’t find the black tube product? Is the one that you have now in the red tube the same thing as the black tube? She seemed to think that it wasn’t. Could you get back to me on this?I took her number to call and tell what I find out. Thank you.

  8. I have used Oil of Olay Moisturizer for over 30 years and have never had a problem. However I found that my most recent purchase of “Total Effects 7” was very thick and my

    skin tingled and felt irritated. Has the formula changed or do I just have an inferior bottle?

  9. i use olay regenerist luminous tone perfectin cream moiaturizer for three weeks and cause my entire face to breakout in small boiles. please credit me for cost of this product. my daughter bought it at ammazon.com.

  10. I’ve been using your soap for years. I will be 70 and why is your soap bars getting smaller and smaller. Last pack I bought just fit in my hand. Box is even smaller. However, price is not any lower

  11. I just started using Oil of Olay products a month ago….wow..have already seen positive results…..very happy..like the combo of Regenerating Serim and Regenerist micro sculpting cream….Am 66..was getting discouraged looking in the mirror…..now…am looking at myself atleat 5 times a day shaking my head ..pores have vanished…and wrinkles aren’t as deep….wish I had started years ago!!! Thank you!!!

  12. I will never buy your product after having to watch a 5 minute commercial about your body wash before a news clip that I was interested in. A pop up came up to skip ad but it was impossible to click on!! Booooooo to you!!!!!

  13. I have been using Olay products for years. I spent over $100 in product and noticed a 2013 and 2014 date on two of them! When I called your customer service line, I was told I should take the product back to the store! The store said their product was new and it wasn’t an expiration date! It was a 20 Mile trip first to buy the product and another 20 mile trip to bring it back, which was a major inconvenience! When I called your service line again she contradicted the first person in your company that I talked to! After all these years, it’s disappointing that I must research another product as I don’t know who to believe in your company ! I have many friends who also use your product!!!

  14. i have purchased the oil of olay jojoba extract lotion (with butter) it has really helped my daughter and i am pleased with this product although i am having a hard time finding it. please tell me where i can find it, p.s. i find the body was but no the lotion.

  15. Someone gave me some Family Dollar Daily Moisturizing Lotion for my birthday. It’s says on the bottle Compared to Olay. It smells like formaldehyde and I will not be using this. I don’t think you would want your product name on this product from Family Dollar. Your product is better than this. I am throwing this in the garbage.

  16. I have used Oil of Olay products for more than 20 years. I always receive compliments on my skin and most people can’t believe my age. I broke my wrist a few years back and wore a big green cast for six weeks, once they removed the cast my skin looked horrible, flakey, lose skin, and discoloration. I went home and washed my hand wrist and arm with my Oil of Olay sensitive skin body wash, then lotion this same area with Oil of Olay lotion twice a day and within a few days my skin was visible better. I love your products and always tell others to try them.



  17. I have used olay soap for most my life,, I am 51 about 1 yr ago I starting using facial cream first just regular olay face cream then OMG WOW,,,,,I found Regenerist for day and for night the greatest facial cream I think on the planet OLAY REGENERIST RECOVERY NIGHT TIME IN THE PURPLE JAR ,,,, I LOVEEEEEE IT FEELS SILKY putting on and my face and neck are so light I feel I look amazing THANK YOU OLAY

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