Old Navy


Old Navy Online Corporate Office Headquarters
200 Old Navy Lane
Grove City, OH 43123-8605

Outside the USA call: 1-614-744-3908
Old Navy Card 1-877-222-6868
Old Navy Visa? Card 1-866-450-5294

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9 Replies to “Old Navy”

  1. so i went to store 05371 Gratiot Roseville MI 48066 store and is stooped by clearance first as all do and i see a item i liked some green pants. there were 3 pair all with different prices on them so i took all 3 to the register thinking i was getting them for the lesser cost when i got to register the helpful cashier called her manger who realized the confusion on the pricing of the pants also .but the manger was admit that it was a mistake but she was also not willing to be helpful to fix the problem no discount she was very rude and and willing and ready to point the finger i have never .been so craped disrespected in a place were i am spending money and she also had the nerve to blame me unbelievable and iwill be taking this to her manger her name was mary

  2. Happy 4th of July!!!! I’m writing out of Baltimore Maryland,,,,,big problem with your store in Security Square mall…young lady with tattoos across her back has awful customer service, I was n line with my 2 year old daughter and she addressed another co worker as a jerk……exact words were jerk i said the phone was for u !!!! Really were do u guys get these young ladies from……shop there alot, but no more after today 🙁

  3. purchased stripe blue shirt #trh4kmv terrible material wrinkled terribly after washing this is not your usual navy clothes VERY INFERIOR MATERIAL

  4. can someone organize the 440 store in jersey city?

    is the biggest mess….pls update the computer price to match the tags.

    when u go to the register, thinking u paying one price is coming up with a much higher

    prices. very poor store.

  5. Old Navy, came along when most of my children had grown up and left for college. However, they shop at your store and once in a while, I will wander in and purchase a blouse, etc- I have never met a rude employee at

    any of your stores. I now live in Alameda and, I actually went into the Old Navy Store with my daughter Liz, a few days ago. Liz was buying some school clothes for my grandson Mateo. She found some pants that Mateo really liked and in the course of shopping, was helped by a clerk who was just amazing. Her name is Angela. Angela

    is everything a company can ask for, in an employee. She is enthusiastic, kind, has great familiarity with the stock and very, very efficient. It gives me so much pleasure to send you my comments-richly deserved.

    I like Old Navy, very much and would definitely recommend your store to others.

  6. Went to old navy, Lennox , cols. Oh. Girls are great there . Had 200.00 in merchandise. Had coupons ready to go. New increased limit….ran card denied. Ran SS # not found . In line with people behind me. WTF. I know card has 300.00 bal and 6000 limit . I called old navy customer service verified all inform…transferred and transferred. Phone hell. Couldnt hear one rep…she hung up on me. 2 or 3 reps foreign accents I could not understand. This happened 5 times …on phone for over an hour. To find out a fraud charge of 50.00 was used by someone they cancelled card without notifying me! They wondered why I got jerky after an hour of inconvenience and not one person on phone tried to help me while I was in the store.

    The worst customer service I have ever dealt with and if it were not for the ladies I see in the Lennox store buying all YOUR stuff…they took care of me while your customer service had me on hold… I would tell you to keep this credit card. No one needs or deserves this. The store clerks sympathesized w me for my inconvenience. I dont give a heck rep…find another job. Thank you ladies in the Lennox center, olentangy river RD.for keeping me calm and helping me with purchase . Bc of you I didnt close my Acct with old navy. 3/25/2014

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