4 Replies to “Old Navy Credit Card”

  1. Worst service ever!!! the first phone call the service rep was so rude! I was telling her my problem then the next thing I know I am listening to music didn’t say a word to me just put me on hold. I called about a refund about an over yet. I was told I had to prove it.I was like can’t you see it in front of you on the computer. It will take 30 days then I call it again and told no you get it 7-10 business days which is it? have received some of the part but not the full amount!!!! Done with this company!

  2. Wow, the credit card statement/bills don’t get delivered. I pay my credit cards in full every month… My husband had a separate account with the same issues… I loved the rewards but they are not worth our credit score potentially being reduced because of this card. Seems like other have had the same problems. I have never experienced this in my life..too bad

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