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OpenSky Corporate Office Headquarters
18 W 18th St. 9th Floor
New York, NY 10011

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  1. Does this company have a service number i need to call and check on my order, this wad a Christmas gift and I’m needing it before Christmas ?

  2. Tried to order happy for being a Grammy.

    Will not accept my credit card.

    Is this a legitimate sight??????

    Called the number nothing but advertisements, single, tv, etc. please respond. I just wanted to order shirt for a cancer patient.

  3. When I call your customer service number shown above I do not get Opensky. Something about by phone dating and Dish service. I dialed

    877-734-6736 as soon above. I need to speak to someone in your customer service department about an incomplete order.

    1. I need to speak to someone about a item i returned for a different size and its not 877-734-6736 i still dont have it early october

    2. YES, Indeed. It is not opensky store. It is something else. It seems this company is a FRAUD. I received my order after about 2 weeks. It is not what they described. I tried to contact them, BUT, there is no address, phone number, Finally I disputed with my credit card. I hope to get my money back and return to them their cheap products

  4. Order #105318108 on June 4 I received have of my order. I received the white blouse but didn’t receive the blue striped blouse. Please advise when I can expect the second blouse. You have had my payment since May 22, 2018 fo both blouses.
    Thank you for your attention to the matter.

  5. I ordered a Australian Crystal bracelet from sky blue two weeks ago, I was supposed to receive it by the 23rd of March and I have not received it as of yet. It would be nice if you send me the matching earrings for free of charge since I am having to wait so long to receive my bracelet. I’ve never had this much trouble getting a order from you before. Hope to receive it soon .

    Thank you. Sandra Schefano

  6. I just want to know where my order is. This has been so frustrating. I can’t find a customer service number. I call and a lot of offers are on the recording. I do not want any of that stuff. All I want to know is where my order is. This is the 4th. Fourth time I have sent an email. I tried to track my pkg and all I see is that it looks like it’s stuck in China. PLEASE HELP ME

    1. I placed a order about two weeks ago for the Australian Crystal bangle bracelet. I was supposed to receive it by the 23rd of March to my PO.Box no 16122 Chattanooga Tennessee 37416′ I have never had to wait on a order. It would be nice if you send me the matching earrings for free for making me wait on my order so long.

  7. I need to speak with a customer service department regarding a package ordered that never was received since Dec. 20th…This was not the first time this happened…I did receive a return call from Navid A, but never got in touch with me to resolve this problem…Please take me off your email address to me since you have not returned my merchandise OR returned my money to you to my bank….This is a big problem….my tracking number was on one package 9374862016560685 and the other was ..Looking forward to hearing back from you……thank you

  8. We ordered bamboo sheets on three occasions, on all three occasions we got the wrong item. NOONE TO TALK TO AND NO PHONE NUMBER TO CALL!!!!! Very frustrating. This company should be reported to the better business bureau as they HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING IN BUSINESS!!!!!!!

  9. I have been trying to reach customer service to no avail. The number listed for customer service just gives you many options for purchases and then tells you to hang up. What kind of a company are you? I need to speak to someone

  10. Your customer service sucks. I have been unable to process my order due to the fact your order page will not let me change my credit card number. I spent 1 hour to try to get your phone number. I’M DONE!!!

  11. Placed an order a month ago… Still no package. BEWARE EVERYONE IF THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER LISTED FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE DO NOT ORDER FROM THAT COMPANY… I have emailed them 5 times but no response. Looks like I’ve been taken. Saw the ad on Social Media so that’s where I will post negative response.

  12. This company sucks – Customer Service is rude and ineffective. I will never order from them again. I received a shirt that was defective. I was thinking of returning but seeing that no one has received refunds on this site – I will keep and get repaired. NEVER ordering from them again. 🙁

  13. Same as everyone else here. No phone number to contact. Can’t return because website does not adhere to their return policy. Living Social was the partner that directed me to them. Bad business. Don’t buy from this company

  14. I tried to contact them also for weeks with no luck and it hit me to call the bank and ask them what company took the money out of my account they looked it up I asked for a address they did not have one but did have a phone # they gave it to me I called and within 5 minutes I was talking to someone and got a refund of my money.

    Here is the info: CompAny Name; Open Sky Project, Inc

    Tele # 1-844-707-7779

    Hope this helps everyone.

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