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  1. Oscar Mayer customer service sucks!!! Cannot get hold of anyone, cannot speak to anyone. No wonder they are losing money and closing plants.

  2. There are only 2 oxygens and 1 nitrogen in a nitrite molecular schematic.

    What are you guys trying to do? Are you saying Nitrites are preservatives that react with “active oxygens” forming Nieates?; Keeping the fats in food from going rancid?

    I’m glad I went to school with Bullwinkel J. Moose to figure this stuff out.

  3. These sausages are so good and healthy. I was able to buy the uncured turkey sausage and the Italian Herb (My favorite) at my local walmart for quite a while now all of a sudden they only carry this beef sausage. I have called all the walmarts in my area and they only carry this one sausage.

  4. I have always depended on Oscar Mayer to be a quality product. However, there have been several times I was not happy with the quality I have come to expect. But I am writing today because having bought Two 16 oz packs instead of one since they were on a special, and after checking the bacon through the window as well as I could, I was Very disappointed. In fact, to the point that I had to cut away so much fat, that didn’t show up in the window, that I actually weighed it on my kitchen food scale. I cut away a full 2 & 5/8 ounces of fat before I cooked it and Still had a normal amount of fat per slices. This was from a 16 oz thick slice package with the number 04050027578300/1990. There was no sell by date that I could find. Ihave not opened the second package to cook, but am wary of it now since it is in the same shipment and they were back to back on the display. I would appreciate some coupons and sincerely hope I won’t find this problem again as I have always trusted your product.

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