9 Replies to “Oscar Mayer”

  1. I just made a ham sandwich using Oscar Mayer Craving ham and found a piece of glass or hard clear plastic in it. Not happy

  2. I just ruined 4 pounds of homemade ham salad because I purchased 2 -1 pound packages of Honey Chopped ham. Made 2 sandwiches, one for my husband and one for myself before my party to test it. Tasted like charcoal, so I thought it might be the brioche buns. NO! It was the OM chopped ham that had the words ( in black) same size font as ingredients SMOKE FLAVORING ADDED! 2.98 each package, mayo, pimentos, relish ALL in the TRASH!

  3. I had a damn bone in my peppered turkey breast!!! I have cleft lip and pallet but nevertheless anyone could get their mouths cut up 😞

  4. I purchased your lean beef dogs and they were just horrible. No flavor, didn’t cook well. I wasted $4.99 plus buns $3.49. I’m in a low income and will think before I purchase your products again.

  5. About Two weeks ago I purchased a 3.99 package of your all beef baloney. When I opened the package it had an excessive amount of liquid draining from the package. I did throw the bologna away. Is this something that is common with your packaging of baloney? It was purchased at the Cub Store in Northfield, Minnesota.

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