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  1. Your hardwood smoked bacon has become hard and chewy. Let me know if you go back to where it was crisp and flavorful. I’m out of here.

  2. No preservatives? Organic would be ok, but hot dogs need preservatives! I went through every oscar mayer hot dog that they had at both Wal-Mart and Woodmans, and I could not find any beef hot dogs with the normal preservatives. Why don’t they also say “you are more likely to get food poisoning or unwanted microbes” with these? Hot dogs should have preservatives and salts in them. Yuck! I bought the generic brands that had preservatives. There’s a reason why we put preservatives in hot dogs. Seriously? Not buying your product again. No preservatives = Spoils easy, may make you sick, does not keep well. Yuck!

  3. Talked with Susie at Oscar Mayer and she is to take care of the problem. Not much trouble getting through to them just hard to hear her. If they do take heed to the problem and fix it I would consider changing the rating to a 4 star.

  4. Since I have read it’s impossible to get you people to answer your phone, we’ll try this way, and I don’t expect much from this way either. I’ve been using the turkey bacon bits for quite some time and until the last couple weeks I’ve had no reason not to. A few days ago I opened a package that had a small hole in it that I didn’t see, I found the meat inside to be of tasteless quality. I returned it to the store and exchanged it for a new one off the shelf. This morning, 9-7-18 I opened that package and found a bad smell. After checking it I found “Mold” inside. Are you purposely trying to hurt people? I’ve got two more packs to open and I’m almost afraid to see what I’ll find in them, like bugs or broken glass or who knows what. Short of hiring an overpriced lawyer, what do we do to get your attention about “Quality” and a refund or something else for this problem. I await your answer that I probably won’t get, or will I. I thinks it’s best that you do answer me, soon.

  5. Why do you think the people want chicken and Turkey mixed in the product they are buying.some people can’t eat that.would you go to your fridge and pull out ham chicken and Turkey or beef and throw it in a pot and serve it to your family don’t think so .we are not hogs to slop or dogs.clean up your act

  6. Your customer service is terrible, you should consider going out of business. Can’t get in touch with your corp. office by phone, do not answer email in a timely manner. Your products are not of good quality as they use to be, what is going on with Oscar Mayer? You should at least provide decent customer service.

  7. Had amour Oscar Meyer Center Cut bacon last night. It was so fatty I had to watch my grand children closely so they wouldn’t choke! A would appreciate a replacement coupon, and try once more.
    Manasquan, N.J. 08736

  8. I have always depended on Oscar Mayer to be a quality product. However, there have been several times I was not happy with the quality I have come to expect. But I am writing today because having bought Two 16 oz packs instead of one since they were on a special, and after checking the bacon through the window as well as I could, I was Very disappointed. In fact, to the point that I had to cut away so much fat, that didn’t show up in the window, that I actually weighed it on my kitchen food scale. I cut away a full 2 & 5/8 ounces of fat before I cooked it and Still had a normal amount of fat per slices. This was from a 16 oz thick slice package with the number 04050027578300/1990. There was no sell by date that I could find. Ihave not opened the second package to cook, but am wary of it now since it is in the same shipment and they were back to back on the display. I would appreciate some coupons and sincerely hope I won’t find this problem again as I have always trusted your product.

  9. These sausages are so good and healthy. I was able to buy the uncured turkey sausage and the Italian Herb (My favorite) at my local walmart for quite a while now all of a sudden they only carry this beef sausage. I have called all the walmarts in my area and they only carry this one sausage.

  10. There are only 2 oxygens and 1 nitrogen in a nitrite molecular schematic.

    What are you guys trying to do? Are you saying Nitrites are preservatives that react with “active oxygens” forming Nieates?; Keeping the fats in food from going rancid?

    I’m glad I went to school with Bullwinkel J. Moose to figure this stuff out.

  11. Oscar Mayer customer service sucks!!! Cannot get hold of anyone, cannot speak to anyone. No wonder they are losing money and closing plants.

  12. The oven roasted turkey smells and tastes like FISH!! When I called customer service number I kept getting disconnected after being put on hold. This happened four times before deciding to settle for this comment board!! They know their products have become crap. What in the WORLD could they be putting in the sliced turkey to make it taste like fish?! I thought it was a fluke, after five different packages over the last couple months tasting like fish I will not be buying it anymore. Makes me wonder what they put in other Kraft products? Besides mayo, I don’t think I will buy ANY Kraft products. Yes Oscar Meyer is Kraft. Kraft owns MANY of the food brands we eat every day. I wish I could give a minus 5 star rating just for the LACK of customer service.

    Cherice Poirier

  13. We found a screw in a package of Oscar Mayer Bologna while shopping in Hilton Head Island. It was weird because it had to come from the inside but there was no hole on the top only the screw coming out the bottom. The store wasn’t much help and we couldn’t find a place on their site to contact them by email so we thought we would try this way. we have two pictures of it but can’t figure out how to attach it here. Would love for someone to get in contact with us soon.

  14. In the past I would have given 5 stars because we really enjoyed OM Center Cut Bacon. However, in the past year I have been mostly disappointed with your product. My most recent purchase turned out to be so thin and stringy that it is hard to separate the slices. They shrivel up to almost nothing when cooked. I am paying premium price for a product that no longer deserves this label. I would probably be better off just buying the store brand for half the price. Sorry to say Oscar Center Cut Bacon ain’t what it used to be.

  15. I am a practicing member of the Feingold Diet. I noticed that all of the Oscar Meyer products have been removed from their foods list and I was wondering why.

  16. Tried to reach Oscar Mayer with specific product problem..access not available on their website. I purchase several packages of fully cooked OM bacon per month. This particular package was delivered by Peapod. I could see a problem immediately upon opening the box. It was filled with sliced fat..yes, fat. There was only a very narrow 1/16 to 1/8 inch strip of bacon meat per strip, if that. To get enough to make a sandwich on a small King’s Hawaiian roll, I had to use 3 or more strips of the product as packaged, pull out the usable portion and cook. We made 3 such tiny sandwiches and used the entire package. Never had such experience before.

  17. Same problem for me only with the carving board which I paid a ridiculous $6.89 for very little ham then had to cut out the gristle from every single piece. I wound up with 2 small ham rolls and they didn’t have much on them either. I got the turkey and it was mostly fine, I got 3 sandwiches and had enough for a chef salad too. This is the 3rd time I’ve had issues with the ham like this. Did anyone find where to write to OM to complain? It used to be such a reliable product. Very disappointing. I work hard for my money and it upsets me to throw it away on something I feel should be consistently good, and now seems to be consistently the opposite.

  18. After purchasing a four -140z packages of uncured turkey bacon from Costco, I should have read the label in the store because after opening it, I notice that after turkey, the next two ingredients are forms of sucrose. Any one who is trying to maintain normal glucose levels or is pre-diabetic should pass this product by, and should read labels carefully as Kraft foods is very adept at inventing various words for plain old SUGAR. What a sham.

  19. To whom it may concern: You have a commercial that is on the television where the person is eating Menuedo … and then he asks what is is and throws it away in the trash can … That;s rude and racial to all mexican people . I am a Mexican American and find that Racial to our food >>>> Like it’s not as good and your wieners Oscar .

  20. I purchased a box of Oscar Mayer precooked bacon recently and had to throw it out. When I opened the package the bacon was green and very greasy. I’ve been buying this product for years and have never had this problem before. The upc code is 44700 06647 and the expiration date is Feb. 10, 2015.

    The other problem I think you should be aware of is that the plastic pouch is very difficult to open. I end up just cutting the pouch open and then wrapping up the remaining bacon.

  21. I am 65 years old, and have buying Oscar Mayer products for over 30 years. Never had any problems with their items, until the last two packages of bacon. I was disappointed with the slicing, one package slices were not cut evenly, but the last one was small pieces and I didn’t check closely. But will from this day forward. They still have top rated products. last package ID 04050026419300/02268.

  22. For Thanksgiving I tried to make it easy by buying Oscar Mayer Carving Board Oven Roasted Turkey Breast.. Potatoes were ready for mashing, stuffing was hot, cranberry was dished, biscuits in the oven, and TURKEY GRAVY hot to add your Turkey Breast to, to heat up. Guess what – 2 packages of Carving Board HAM in packages clearly labeled TURKEY. What a disappointment for us and our guests. Worst dinner ever!

  23. A few months ago I tried your Cajun style turkey breast deli meat. Absolutely loved it. I don’t remember where I purchased it and have not been able to find it since. Can you tell me where in the Simpsonville or Laurens, SC area I might find it?

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