79 Replies to “Oscar Mayer”

  1. I have purchased your thick cut bacon several weeks in a row and it is terrible. Its nothing but fat probably 1/2 of the slice. Every pack I bought has been like that and some worst than the other. I will not buy it anymore because of the terrible quality.I will go back to my old brand which has always been good quality. Your name only carries you so far.Thanks X customer

  2. hello,
    you have absolutely ruined a great product, you are selling uncured hot dogs and you need to go back to the cured type of hotdogs. The uncured hot dogs look terrible and they taste terrible!! have you not heard of “ if it ain’t broke , don’t fix it ??? I will not be buying the hotdogs until you go back to the cured hot dogs !!!

  3. I do not find an ‘expiration’ or ‘use by’ date. How long can the natural meat and cheese plates be kept?

    Thank you.

  4. I also have issues with the abundance of fat on OM bacon. Two packs in a row have b÷n trimmed by me to be edible. Experience has always been good. Must be New quality control. I spent 20 years in food industry. Please fix this packs from12/18 thanks. Michael. Graff

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