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Corporate Phone: 1-214-576-9352

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  1. why do not give a phone number to contact your site

    or speak to someone with any issues or questions

    what kind of a site do you have any other site gives a member a phone number

    or a way to talk to someone

    my days on this site is almost done unless I get some answers to many problems

    with your site

    at some time it will catch up with you for such pathetic service to your paying customers

  2. I tried this site, save your money don’t use it……I pushed the 29.95 one month and got billed 111.75 and called the customer service number and she gave me credit for 92.31… I am not using this site, very confusing and costly and not easy to use…. I gave up trying to figure it out the menu….. SAVE YOUR MONEY… THE SAME GIRLS ARE ON HERE THAT ARE ON THE FREE SITES….YOU HAVE TO PAY A LOT MORE TO USE THE PHONE TEXT TO GET YOUR MESSAGES OR CALLS…

  3. I registered for a 30-day membership to see if I liked the site. The site “declined” my bank card twice so I used my credit card to pay. I just found out that my credit card was charged and now I have “two” pending transactions through my bank for the “declined” attempts, but their site shows them as $0. I tried to call, but no phone number listed, just a customer service box online to send them comments, etc. It takes 48 hours for them to reply. Their contract doesn’t have a phone number either, very strange. I have never dealt with any site that didn’t have a phone number for their members to call. My bank will be next to dispute these charges. I have copies of the “declined” card message online and my account view with their site. I like the site, but I’m not happy about these erroneous charges as I’ve only been online for 3 days! $29.95 has turned into almost $90!!!

  4. I am experiencing many problems also. on 2/15/2016 my entire profile was erased.which took a long time to write .Them the next day it happened again tonight I cannot get to the site .It says i need to reactive the account which I payed for 6 months of service .no online help at all I sent email after email to their site for help they asked me to change my password when i tried to they never sent the email back to confirm that it was OK I did that three times .As soon as they are open I will call them again to get it fixed if it happens one more time I will demand my money back.one time someone hacked my profile put a woman’s picture on my profile then they rewrote my whole profile thats unacceptable for any business I am tired of this I have been on the site for three weeks all was good until now. I feel sorry for any one who gets taken advantage of when all we want is to find Love. Darwin

  5. I recently had similar problems. I went to my bank and was going to file a fraudulent charge against them. My bank found their unlisted phone number to the customer service department! I called this number 1-888-892-2065

    I got right thru and they were more than happy to reverse all charges and remove my profile!!

  6. please delete my account, as I am not able to log into the site to view anyone in my area, I am not going to pay for a service I am not able to use.

  7. i was looking at the cost of how much a month would be when our time too 4107 from my account …DO NOT WANT THIS >>>>PLEASE I NEED REFUND NOW

  8. I never agreed to an auto renewal. refund my money or I will report this to my c card company as a fraudulent charge… You have 48 hours to comply!

  9. Have been receiving inappropriate messages and fraud pop ups on this site.effective immediately will cancel my acct even though I paid for six months.

  10. This is a terrible site. No way to contact webmaster or customer service without searching the internet to find a phone number. My profile states that I am looking for a “Biker” type, yet I get messages from men who don’t know the difference between a mountain bike and a Harley. I also stated that I would not answer if they did not have a photo or profile………….yet I get stupid “Your my favorite, or I’m interested in you, are you interested in me?” How can I be interested if you don’t fill out anything on your profile???????? Sounds like kindergarten to me.

  11. I am livid after agreeing to only ONE month trial and then I find out they have been billing me every month. I can’t even access my site. They are underhanded thieves. I want to know how to get a hold of these people.

  12. I’m thoroughly disgusted and feel like I’ve been robbed. I signed up and wasn’t advised or it said NOWHERE that this was in US Dollars. When I tried to cancel it was impossible. I was then charged another 13.35…TOTAL 113.76 not $80…still no way to contact OUR TIME!!!! My credit card expired so I assumed they would not be able to charge my card anymore…WRONG!!!! My card expired Oct 1/2015 then on Oct 20th I was charged AGAIN on my old card ..TOTAL $147.11 (NOT $80).master card said there is nothing they can do..I have a brain injury and dealing with thieves is pitiful…and shouldn’t be legal. I haven’t even been able to chat with anyone as they wont allow it until I give them my new credit card info. I refuse to give them my new credit info..so I’ve been unable to contact or chat with anyone. I believe this is fraud and its disgusting that they are able to treat the disabled like this. I want a refund for $147.11 immediately..nothing but a horrid experience..the 1st man accused me of being a liar..nothing but lies from the time I signed up!!! I have now been waiting on hold for 1.5 hours..didn’t even take them 1.5 seconds to take my money that wasn’t authorized!! Sickened by the dishonesty..tried to contact you but no one would answer AGAIN.. I JUST CLUED IN…YOUVE PROBABLY ALL TAKEN AN XTRA WEEKS HOLIDAY WITH THE MONEY YOU TAKE WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION..I’ve cancelled my card..its the only way to protect myself from you thieves!! I want to be notified immediately..I am still on hold and will not hang up until someone picks up and deals with this..I promise i will not stop until I get a full refund!!

  13. The comments below were from me. So this morning I called the 866-727-8920 and spoke with Paul. He has refunded me my money and straightened out the account. He was most pleasant and said the company is trying really hard to fix customer service. They have read the reviews. I am going to give the website another try. I was amazed at the good customer service he gave me.

  14. Im trying to delete my account. Went to sign on with the email and pw and says wrong password which I know isn’t. Did the forgot password and still have not received reset email. I’ve requested it SEVERAL times. So I sent email to Customer Service they responded and told me to do the same thing I already did. NOTHING is working. I need to delete my account. What is the deal with this site. I’m to the point of contacting an attorney about this.

  15. I tried to sign up for the one month birthday special, and I accidentally push the upgrade button which charged me 66.00 please correct the charge to the one month birthday price of 17.99 plus 3.99 processing fee. I will stop payment at bank if you can not correct and resolve this issue.

  16. Good morning,

    My name on ourtime.com website is “jeanclaude13260”.

    this evening, March 25, 2014, at 7:50 pacific time, I renewed my subscription on the site and WANTED TO DO IT FOR ONE MONTH, AND ONE MONTH ONLY AT $23.99

    I just saw that indeed, it is a 6 months subscription that has been charged on my account for over $87.


    Thank you very much to email me back and to precise that the error will have been corrected.

    My name is Jean-Claude

  17. I have tried to reach you concerning a charge that went thru my credit card this morning for $20.43 Cdn. Ido not wish to have anything to do with you.


    You’re good @collecting $ in advance of when it’s due; and blocking my monitor screen so I have no choice but to press your button. Besides you have a special rate of $9.95/mo. Why wasn’I given that. What is yourCustomer Service phone – guess a recording!!!

  18. I have no problems with this site and enjoy the feedback I am getting for my profile, however I have a question. Can you go back into a person’s profile to reread it, WITHOUT the site sending them a notice that you are reviewing their profile again? I am responding to a gentleman I like, but have forgotten some of the facts in his profile and would like to read it again.

    Thank you.


  19. I have tried contacting you for days. I can’t get through via telephone and emails are returned as undeliverable. You charged my credit card but I can’t get into the site to respond to all the flirts and messages you said I rec’d. What is happening on your site??? Is this a scam. Must I put the credit card charge into dispute?

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