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  1. I’ve tried to have this account cancelled on more than 1 occasion, to no avail..Now I find my credit card has been charged another $80 and change after not using this account for a long period of time. I guess it is time I have my lawyer look into just why it is so easy to set up this account, but impossible to cancel it without the threat of legal action.

  2. I want my account cancelled as soon as possible. There is no where to go to on the site to cancel my credit card! I have tried numerous times! There is no link to click on for “my account” that also shows account status to follow instructions to follow. If I don’t get satisfaction, I will report you to my credit company and tell every person I can what a rip off your so called site is!!

  3. I only wanted the 14.99 special. They billed me for a year with no way to opt out of it on my account settings. There is no help button on their site. Called Paypal and am calling the credit card people now. This is not an error on their part. This is fraud. I am also reporting them to the FBI since they traffic interstate, it falls under their purview.

  4. Visit my site daily. For 2 weeks, no ‘hits’, comments, flirts, etc. Today I log on and find there are over 25 contacts. The site will NOT let me respond, send, or look at any of these contacts UNTIL I upgrade. I have only been a ‘member’ for 6 weeks. I DO NOT appreciate being held hostage. Operating hours only Monday through Friday. Told on voice mail to send an email. No email to be found. Plan to report to FTC the ‘hostage’ tactics. Will let PeopleMedia corporate know – maybe!!!!!!

  5. I did not agree for our time to charge my credit card? Where did you get my card from match.com? I cancelled that service. Never ever used our time? You need to credit back my account and close my service please.

  6. This company seems to have very lousy bookkeeping- or they are very untrustworthy. I signed on one of the sites to try it out. I signed for one month. Later I looked at their account page and they signed me on for 6 month! Charging me $200,00 dollars!! And as soon as I checked and found the account balance error I checked my bank account!! The site had taken out over $200.00! They are nothing but legalized crooks. I am trying to get ahold of someone but no one will talk to me over the phone. Never again-

  7. I am so MAD at this site I only sign up for one month they are charging me for several months very BAD site to try to find a relationship getting ready to contact my lawyer on this site. STOP billing me!!!!!!!!

  8. I am extremely upset. At least half of the men I have talked to are scammers. I have wasted half of my time and money just figuring them out. You need people working for you that can catch the scammers. I would be willing to. It has been a big waste of my time in trying to meet someone.

  9. everytime I stop paying I get hundreds of ladies hitting me up but when I pay for another none of them reply site is a rip off now only have a couple days left and can’t get on there cause they asking for a credit card number I no longer have

  10. I wouldn’t even give it a 1 star! I got hacked immediately after signing up and miraculously became a MAN! All my info was changed. I had to search the web to even get a number to call. After finally getting it straightened out, I was unimpressed with the site. I think the site is set up to send out emails and make it look like people are interested to keep you hooked. After a few short weeks, I was HACKED AGAIN! I called and cancelled my membership. I had paid for a six month membership, had only used 3 months and they first told me they couldn’t refund any money because it was “complimentary time”, after I questioned that statement, they put me on hold, then came back on the line and said they couldn’t refund any of the money because the account had been “used”. WTF?? I then asked to speak with a supervisor. They tried to tell me to give my contact info and someone would “call me back”…I didn’t fall for that, so I told them I would hold. After a short while holding, the line went dead. BOOO…DON’T JOIN THIS SITE!!!!

  11. friend of mine told me that I am on your Our Time dating site. I am married woman. I don’t use dating sites.

    Please DEACTIVATE account with mine name on it on your site.

    Somebody hacked into my Facebook account and using one of mine pictures ……

    Thank you,

    Ksenija Loso

  12. I have read all the comments here. I am not and never going to put a profile on here or any other site. My reason is because it is the same thing here as it is on every dating site. I just got on here to find a customer service or corporate number to call because my debit card has been used 7 times in the last two days on 4 different sites, talk about being desperate, now that is desperate. All I need is a number to call to find out who used my debit card to create and pay for a profile to be posted. I would appreciate it if someone who monitors this site for comments will return a message to let me know who I can talk to. My bank already knows about these transactions and I will be disputing them.

  13. Please discontinue my account with Ourtime. I was not aware there was an automatic renewal. I specifically wanted to meet people from my area, at least my state. Lame site.

  14. found the system to be confusing and unresponsive. . Request my membership be canceled and fees charged to my credit card be returned.

  15. All of a sudden, I now need to enter a whole slew of info to get into the site. If I make one mistake, I am frozen out. There’s no way to contact the site, no way to ask for info to be e-mailed and no recourse whatsoever from this completely random gatekeeper.

    I am now paying for a service that I cannot access. C’mon Man!! This is beyond irritating. It thoroughly ticks me off. It’s one thing to be ripped off by the cable company; at least I can watch TV and surf the net. But here, I’m paying for a service that is completely unavailable.

  16. Yes, I’m another one. couldn’t even get back in to cancel or change password. Not even a phone number for customer service. Now I know why. WARNING(STAY AWAY) Norm

  17. Susan, go into your account and take off the automatic renewal……….they sneak that in on you….I was lucky I used a card that expires soon. Good luck with refund, I would like one also.

  18. Have similar problem. Have not been able to access my account for past seven days because a “confirm your account information box” won’t allow access to account. After entering requested data box appears saying it is incorrect, however, does not identifies data in need of correction. Efforts to contact costumer service have been fruitless their suggestion use “help”section on personal web page, the only problem one cannot access the account. So much for friendly costumer service.


  19. Why can’t people see my messages?

    I can view the messages they send me but they cannot see my replies.

    Please let me know if there is something wrong with my account.

    Thank you

    Ken Honold

  20. I joined Ourtime.com today. Very bad web site. You cannot type on it, their is no direction on how to navigate the website. I e-mail them at contact@ourtime.com and I got a return message stating that address does not exist.

    No way to contact them after they have your credit card. Very poor customer service, save your money do not joined this crooked business.

  21. I am having the same issue- 2 months in a row… I only want to be n the free version- our time did reply once I will have to go back through my emails to find the date back in aug or sept and they basically just sent me back to the web site to my account tab – it showed me where to click to NOT AUTO RENEW after a cheap week or ? short tim period to test out the site – they went ahead and billed me again anyway – so this sunday Oct 11th I happened to be in my branch they said ourtime had billed me again.. since Monday was a holiday I just tried to find an email address for ourtime – still cant find one – so I replied to one of the notices that someone wanted to meet me.. and now I am just looking for a phone number… the whole time they billed me I couldn’t read the emails until the other day when I clicked on who emailed me they opened ? surprise to me? anyway this is a short version of what I am going through with them- I hope I can get it straightened out by tomorrow – my bank said I can refuse the charge so that is what I will do weds before the bank closes if I don’t get ourtimes help.

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