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Corporate Phone: 1-214-576-9352

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  1. You’ve hidden my profile comments. I did not authorize you to do so. Replace my profile comments or refund my membership fees. I did not pay to have a few photos posted, without my personally written profile text.

    also, what is a SIMPLE E MAIL way for me to post an updated photo. I don’t speak computer, give me something simple.

  2. terrible site. I am trying to cancel my account and can’t even get into my account. Some jerk hacked my profile and inserted his photo and used my written profile and sent it to every lady on site. causes a lot of problems. apparently he changed my email address and password some how. can’t find a phone number to cancel. the one I have no ne answers.

  3. The worse site I have ever been on. They do not have any customer service. The phone number does not ring to them. The site is full of philshers.

    They wont give me refund and I have asked since day one. I am reporting them to any agency that will listen. False advertisement on TV.

  4. to whom it’s concern I wound like to Cancelled Subscription I do not want it
    I do not have the money for it I Have been doing good on face book if have any question you Can call me at

  5. I canceled my subscription but getting emails that people are interested in me or emails with suggested matches-saying my profile is hidden. I don’t know how people can see me if my profile is hidden. I decided to try to renew for a month or even 3 months but my debit card and credit cards are being declined. The money is available so I don’t know why I can’t follow through on this.

    1. This has got to be the worst customer service ever!!!

      They flooded my inbox, wont answer phone, email and they make it impossible to find your account. I am very disappointed.

  6. I have been trying to cancel my subscription to our time and I am having difficulty doing so. I can’t even get to my account. What kind of business are they running anyway.

  7. I joined for a month in February. No, I haven’t been billed since, but I can’t delete my profile or the site. A very special man received an email of my site. He’s very angry and I’m very upset. Please delete all.

  8. I’m tired of always having the same matches. I said not to go over a certain age and you send me matches up into their 80’s. And when I say skip on people you keep on sending them back through. Not any new matches. It will say I’ve got messages but won’t let me read them. What the hell is going on with that? Well I won’t be renewing my membership. So when it comes do, cancel it.

  9. I cancelled my subscription over a month ago with our time on-line. But as of april 2nd on my bank statement I see that you are continueing to charge me 123.70 dollars. You will need to credit this back to my debit card because I cancelled with you. thank you.

  10. Please cancel my subscription and do not charge anything else on the credit card you have on file.

    Thank you, Madelyn Bentley

  11. I never signed up. I signed up for Match.com and now I find out OurTime is billing me too. I do not want to be a member. Please cancel immediately and refund my money please.

  12. Our Time sends “matches” which are anything but matches. I typically see 11 sent to my inbox yet 10 of 11 are either well beyond the age parameters, racial parameters, geographic

    location parameters. What is being sent is “filler” which does nothing but waste my time. I would advise a potential user to look elsewhere as I will not renew with “Our Time”

  13. i signed up for 1 month only & it kept jumping to 6 months I want 1 month & 1 month only No more Also I dcided on a new name radientredhead & an old name i used kept coming up cityredhead please straighten this out or completely cancel & credit my credit card Thank you

  14. This site is total crap!!! They nickel and dime you at every turn. Extra for this. Extra for that. On top of it all, everything everyone says here about the site is 100% true. I’ve seen it all for myself. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I MADE–SAVE YOUR MONEY–

  15. Been on site for 2 days….shows messages but no messages there…took 5 tries to complete profile info….preferences mean nothing to the site.?..feel like they take your $$$ to pay for TV commercials and site sux…charge you extra to see if messages read….goIng back to match.com, this site SUX and I’m out $30….customer service 800# only available 8_4 central time….%=÷× that’s when I work…..site sux

  16. I joined for a month and put it on a credit card, however U charged for either three or six months. I called U and there was no answer. I then called the bank telling them I joined for a month not three months. They said they would investigate. Because of this OurTime wouldn’t let me back on unless I sent them a check. They finally put me back on and that took two months after I wrote them telling them the check was cashed. I don’t think this is right not to let me back on using a credit card. U have refused to credit my credit card for the month I paid for and wasn’t able to use. Please let me back on using a credit card and I will be careful making sure I am joining for only a month or whatever?

  17. This is the second time I’ve sent this. Your concern for customer satisfaction makes me discourage anyone from using your dating website.

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