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  1. i have forgotten my password for Outlook. I have been trying to locate it following the directions but as of yet im not able to get to my password, this is not the first day I have tried to get your phone number so you can assist me getting my old password or the ability to change my password.

  2. Why is my email all screwed up? Why is my junk mail getting some of my current emails? Why is all my old stuff showing up in my inbox? So much for your upgrades!!! I want this fixed and fixed NOW!

  3. I am having trouble accessing outlook email as it merged with hotmail. If someone replies to my hotmail emails, their response go to outlook email instead of hotmailand I cannot access those.

  4. Your e-mail stinks!! Those side bar ads that you can’t get rid of. When I try to print my e-mail page, like to have confirmations printed out, those stupid ads are blocking half the page so it can’t be read when printed. Give me a break already! GET RID OF THOSE DUMB ADS!!!!!!

  5. Oh, that’s encouraging! I just started this Outlook.com acct. and a week and a half ago I had an unknown man call me on my landline asking me vague questions about this Outlook acct! I knew this was shady and told the man not to call me back as I knew this was very abnormal and had NEVER been called from an email server before. I am having a HELL of a time trying to find a way to DELETE this acct. and go back to regular email I had before! Yahoo always served me well for years, but forgetting your password is like trying to get into Fort Knox! This whole thing is asnine! Whoever the “webmaster” is, I don’t want anymore phone calls from unknown people! I feel VIOLATED! I will never use this Outlook mailbox again! I wouldn’t suggest to anyone to use it! Vickie 1/ 3 / 2015

  6. Terrible customer service and worst experience !!! I’ve never had issues with any other email provider as such currently!! And you want $149 to fix something that’s not my problem!! BBB will hear bout my experience!!!

  7. I talk to you a month ago and told you I dont have my black berry any more.So you can only send the code to the only email I have on my computer. you lock it down and won’t let me in Put it back the way it was before you took over hotmail. Thank you very

  8. I desperately need to talk to a human being on the phone. I am overseas and can’t access my Hotmail account because you think I’m a hacker. I’ve tried to follow the steps you tell me to do to get a security code but I obviously don’t understand. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE who can I actually talk to?????? I’m overseas and need to access my account.

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