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Ozark Trail is Walmart’s outdoor and adventure products line. Walmart does not have a dedicated phone number for Ozark Trail. The number listed is Walmart’s customer service phone number.

Ozark Trail makes coolers, insulated mugs and cups, tents, cookware, backpacks, sleeping bags, lanterns, flashlights, and more. The price point is much lower than brands like Yeti, REI, and Cabela’s.

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Ozark Trail Customer Service
Ozark Trail Customer Service

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  1. have a commercial OT 10×10 canopy and really like it for craft shows. But one of the zipper slides just disappeared from one of the walls and now I can’t “seal” the one corner from the weather. Where can I get a replacement slide or zipper?

  2. Our black Ozark Trail 10-Person Half Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent Walmart Item # 31436050
    Model #WMC-141078C1
    very disappointed. Started to rain and instantly saw water dripping down the sides….sweat back and moist…. so disappointed, call Walmart costumers service they gived us the Ozark trail number to contact no body seems to have no idea about the product or how to handle this return issues….can someone help me pls…

  3. Recently received a ozark trail cooler for my birthday. The problem is that it will not keep ice for more than 7 hours until it turns to water. The reason this item was purchased was because of the longevity for holding ice.

  4. I would like to buy two of the Ozark Trail 150L flashlights like the one I have, number 20039. The offerings now available do not meet my needs as they also have flood and strobe options which are not desirable for the purposes I wish to use the flashlight. The metal tang on my cap switch has broken. A replacement switch or switch/cap would also be desired in addition to two new flashlights, but just two new ones will suffice if switch/cap is not available. I have checked Walmart but only see those which I do not want. Just an on/off option is needed. An increase to 200 lumens, if available, would be fine, but any higher will be too bright. Perhaps the switch/cap on the 50 will interchange. What can you do to fulfill my request. My OT 150L lflashlight is correct in size, weight, composition, and luminosity. None that I have checked compare adequately to the non-functioning one I have.

  5. Yes for a gift I had received a 45 l go bag green Ozark trail that I had been wanting. Aweome gift receiving Ozark products I have cups that work great and some camping supply’s . Only problem is with the bad I used it last hunting season for a scent control bag for my hunting clothes worked great. Although last season the zipper broke came of track and the bag ripped into material causing problems then. Me knowing that Ozark trail has great products and customer service I had planned on sending it back for a new one. Then with the life style of two kids and work I had forgot. Till close to hunting season I then remembered for my scent control bad! Going to look for it umm where had it gone I then asked the wife she had replied well hunny it was ripped broken and no good only being 19.99 price bag was see threw it out. Me being bummed bc I knew the great customer service of Ozark would have replaced it. So now I have no bag and being a gift no receipt was just wondering being a valid customer of the awesome products of Ozark trail if there was anything you could possibly do for me thank you and have a wonderful evening.

  6. We purchased the yurt tent and when my son got to his destination (5 hrs away) a string was missing. Luckily he found a small rope but had he not that side would have been floppy. You need to take more care that everything is in the package. This could of put a damper on the trip. Very disappointed!

  7. Never got to use our 15 person tent. The one of the top extension bar with the orange caps is jammed and won’t extend! I’ve never posted about this tent ever!!!

  8. Bought a 16×16 easy up cabin tent, used twice, 2nd time one of the easy up legs busted in the middle of the night. Not a cheap tent, 300 dollars for the thing. Is there somewhere I can order a replacement part? Ridiculous

  9. Hi I’m making a complaint about the bags for these tents someone needs to make bigger bags because they come all folded up nice and neat in a itty bitty box but then once you pull it out and then pack it back up you can barely fit the tent back in the bag and that’s just the tent nevermind anything else that comes with the tent. it’s bull

  10. We bought a 16 person tent on Friday and set it up on Saturday morning by saturday night right at dark we thought we heard a gun shot( not hunting season yet!) And my husband said somthing got in he eye… Well by the time he got all that out i was inside a colpaed tent! And now my airmattress was flat! Yes it was new also!… Long story shorten… I took him to the er.. He had a black pice of plastic stuck in his eye…3 hours latter we went to pack up and leave…now were out a tent a not so cheap 22in air mattress and a camping trip…not happy at all someome needs to contact me asap! Cant find a thing on line!!!

  11. We have 4 of the 30 oz ozark trail thermal cups. 3 work perfect however the last cup only holds ice about 1/4 of the duration of the rest of our ozark cups. That is disappointing .

  12. We bought a 6 man Dark Rest tent and really love how easy it goes up and how it stays dark and cool inside. The only issue we have is that it leaks in the front when it rains. It seems the seam between the floor and the tent sticks up and I believe the water is coming in the seam. There is no seam showing on the other 3 sides and these do not leak. I have tried adjusting the stakes so the seam is under the tent but no luck. Is it possible this is a defect.

    1. I bought the Ozark Trail adjustable dual headrest airbed I’m on my second one and the second one leak faster than the first one right from the beginning the second one started leaking the other one at least lasted a couple of days unbelievable that they put the air hose right under where you get in and out of the bed I don’t know why they would do that it was a bad place to put the air hose. Not very well thought out

  13. I am writing regarding Model #FGA1010TPR Gazebo canopy. Unfortunately, I thought I was getting a complete Gazebo tent set. Also, I have been unable to locate legs for this cover.
    I rather have an entire gazebo tent set, instead of a canopy only.
    Help please.

  14. I have purchased a ozark trail all terrain wagon with oversized wheels. I am needing to purchase a replacement wheel for my wagon. could someone point me in the right direction on how i go about getting a replacement wheel

  15. What is the best way to repair a seam that the stiches came undone on a dome tent. It’s only about an inch or two long that needs to be re sewn on one of the side seams on the bottom half of the tent. Is there somewhere you can go to have someone sew it up or do you have any other ideas to fix it? Please help. Thank you

    1. I bought a Ozark Trail 2 burner Camp Stove. Read the assembly info.. Nothing about the Wind Guard, which is located on the bottom. It does talk about a top when closing. There is no top. However, if you look close the top they talk of has a logo that looks like the one on the Wind Guard which is attached to the bottom. You can NOT fold the Wind Guard up to function because it hits the side. Wal-Mart Sporting Goods personnel aren’t helpful at all. If you try to contact Ozark Trail customer Service, you get Wal-Mart.
      Went on line to see listing of complaints about this stove. There were a few complaints, but nothing about the Wind Guard. I can’t be the only one with this problem. I like the stove, cooking surface is great and small cyclinder of adapts to large tank with added hose. But something needs to be addressed about the Wind Guard. And IF Wal-Mart is going to be the Spokesperson for this Company, they need to know something other than “I don’t know.” And management needs to know more than”bring it back.”

  16. We recently purchased the multi-purpose wagon and the support 4 panel folding insert that goes in the bottom of the wagon was missing

  17. I bought an Ozark trail 14 x 14 instant canopy with built in led lights. First wind storm it broke a support arm. Can I buy a replacement arm?

  18. My Ozark trail 32 oz tumbler has small rust spots in the stainless steel inside the container. How do I get it replaced under warranty?

  19. I bought a 1/2 gallon vacuum sealed water jug about 3 months ago. It has a spout that flips up so you can drink out of. I sent it to get engraved and just received it. When I used it yesterday it leaked water everywhere. I am trying to find a replacement lid. Can you help?

  20. We had a well-used 3 room tent from Ozark/Walmart for years. We’ve been camping for years with it., multiple times each summer. We finally stopped duct taping the rods last year and bought another one just like it.

    Mind you, I liked this tent so much that we powered through the difficult and lengthy set up several times each summer.

    We just used it for only the second time. It didn’t want to pop up and lock in on the end tent areas. Finally got it done.

    Then it stormed. It collapsed. Whole damn thing but the center. Popped it back up over and over till the storm was over. Of course the inside got a bit wet with each collapse.

    Then it collapsed just sitting there in the sun.

    Finally, we rigged it so the canopy was completely unable to place pressure on the tent underneath and made various other rigging to hold her up as the next storm blew in.

    We will now recycle it for a tarp and that type of stuff we can get out of it to try to salvage our money. Looks like now that we want to camp more again we have to switch brands and come up with more money.

  21. I bought a cooler about a month ago when I got around to use the cooler it leaked all in the back of my car! I’m not happy…with the price I paid it should not leak! How do I go about returning or getting a new cooler

  22. i have a 8 person instant cabin tent I’ve had it a year give or take. i got it out set it up no problem for the 2ed time this past weekend and as i was putting it back in the storage bag the zipper came completely apart from the bag its self. so i was wondering what it would take to get a replacement storage bag?

    1. Dear Ozark Family,
      I purchased and love the Ozark Trail Adjustable Dual Headrest Airbed Queen Size w/ Built-in Electric Pump but the second time I went to use it, it had a slow leak. I was so excited to show it off to my family but unfortunately it sat in a corner all by itself. I do not want a refund, please only replace it. It would mean alot to me. Thank you for your consideration. I will give you a 5 star review upon receiving the new one.

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