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Ozark Trail is Walmart’s outdoor and adventure products line. Walmart does not have a dedicated phone number for Ozark Trail. The number listed is Walmart’s customer service phone number.

Ozark Trail makes coolers, insulated mugs and cups, tents, cookware, backpacks, sleeping bags, lanterns, flashlights, and more. The price point is much lower than brands like Yeti, REI, and Cabela’s.

Ozark Trail Products Website is listed here

For Walmart’s customer service reviews see this page.

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Ozark Trail Customer Service
Ozark Trail Customer Service

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  1. I bought a Ozark queen size and no plug was in the package. it was supposed to be the one with the kit, went back to the store and they said they could not exchange or replace. I asked just for the plug just so i could use it, i got a “no” again.

  2. I purchased an Ozark Trail 10 x 20 screened house, and love it. However, we have lost one of the connectors that connect two poles together. Would rather have the correct piece than duct tape the thing together. Help!

    1. I purchased a Ozark one burner stove. The gasket( which is pretty important) didn’t last 30 days. This is The last time I ever Buy Ozark Brand.

  3. I bought a 20oz tumbler from Walmart and the rubber that seals the lid on is not functioning properly. The lid is hard to get to stay on. It wants to pop off. I only purchased it a couple weeks ago

    1. Take the rubber ring off and Put it back on a the other way it sounds like the ring was put on backwards.

  4. We have purchased “2” of the 26 quart Ozark Trail Coolers since Christmas. The screws have come out of each side and one and the other screws were lose but did not lose any. I need to order more screws but can’t seem to find what I am looking for on the Wal-Mart website. Can you please send me a link to order more screws? I would very much appreciate an email from someone that can assist me. Thank you!!

    1. Try going to a hardware store idiot! Who the hell orders screws off the internet? Here are some suggestions…

      1. Ace hardware

      2. Lowes

      3. Home Depot

  5. I have had a pair of your hiking shoes for about 4 months and now the bottom of the shoes are thin and the soles on the inside are gone and they’re tearing my socks up I have had other pairs of your shoes and they lasted slot longer I hope you can help me out

  6. we bought a 6 person instant tent with led lighting and the lights didn’t work. we exchanged it for another one and had the same results. after much looking we determined it to be in the battery box. The batteries couldn’t make contact. So we fixed it ourselves. You may want to take a look at your design. It was very frustrating to go camping and things not to work.

  7. I bought two sets of the Ozark Trail 3 piece stainless steel cookware set, and now I am finding out that they may actually contain lead and other carcinogens? I have tried to talk to someone on your service line, but as usual your mantra, of “screw the customer” keeps shining through.

  8. We purchased the ozark 26 quart cooler for when we go riding in our side by side lots of dust and water. Love that it has the rubber closer to seal the lid shut. No dust or dirt inside ,size is great for everything we take with us for the day. Ice has last all day even when it’s hot outside. Would recommend this cooler to anyone

  9. Bought a set of Ozark Trails oversized relaxation chairs from Walmart and can’t figure out how to fold them up. The instructions on the package is not helpful at all.

  10. Bought a day pack cooler, leaks and the label is upside down. Should have taken it back when I noticed the label but didn’t think it mattered that much. Big waste don’t buy. Maybe I just got a defective one but would definitely look at buying something else.

  11. I bought the 40 oz. Ozarks Trail Tumbler but can not find a replacement lid for it anywhere, I only find the lid for the 30 oz. size or smaller and recently they clearanced the 40 oz. tumblers. Have there ever been replacement lids for these? If not, why would Ozarks Trail make that size without offering replacement lids? Thank you.

    1. agree. ive got two lids that broke for the 40 and 64 oz, no replacement lids anywhere.

  12. I bought a folding chair and i have trouble finding where to put the cover, thought it would be nice if y’all would put a mesh pocket on the back just a thought.

  13. I have two Ozark Trail Focus 700 flashlights I bought a few months ago. I cant return them now and they both continually turn off by them selves constantly and when I put new batteries in them they only last a few weeks. We only use them for like 15 minutes a night to take our dogs out. I use Durecells and I even tried them from two different packs. If you shake them they turn off because it sounds like the batteries are not tight enough and they jiggle around? Can we get replacements or refunds?

  14. I purchased a pair of Ozark trail boots 32 days ago and the rubber soles have completely separated in half… especially in a months time I have bought cheap Walmart brand work boots that has lasted longer then that.. id like a refund or a replacement but as I read on I can see id have better luck at winning the lottery then Ozark standing by there name

  15. I bought a pair of your boots from WalMart in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I no longer have the receipt. I had them a week and they split. The fleece and cloth part separated from the bottom. I am very displeased with these boots. I tried to return them to WalMart but was unable to because of not having a receipt. I paid $29.98 for them.

  16. I have three Ozark Trail flashlights model #TL1KPO Intertek they quit working after bout 9 months and Wal Mart does not carry them anymore. I would like something equivalent to them. They was expensive lights but not worth a dime now. How can I get these replaced?

  17. my husband bought me a Ozark tumbler, 30oz. I love it. but the band on the lid part came off and we got it back on. ever since that happened when I take the lid off the band gets out of place or twisted. I use it a lot since water is the only thing I drink except for a cup of tea in the mornings. can you replace the lid and I don’t have the receipt since he ordered it. thank you for your consideration jn this matter.

  18. I bought the Ozark 30 oz tumbler, love it but the lid does not fit right. The rubber seal is loose and bunches up and won’t let it seal properly. Is there a way to get a new lid? I absolutely love this cup and have bought many as gifts.

  19. From day one stringers for hanging on the inside from the main lead of the cooler. Over two week. Threads kept coming off and now the front two corners immaterial has separated. Seems to be a decent cooler but the plastic box inside has a lip around the top Edge and having to stretch a lid over that lip helps cause to stretch and rip the lid but the stringers falling off from the factory did not help.

  20. Have the same problem as Shawn and others. The lid no longer seals. The rubber seal twists so the lid doesn’t seal. I bought about 25 of the 30oz a gifts. Used mine for 3 days and the seal twisted.

    We need answers and help. Who do we contact?

  21. If you are looking for Ozark Trail replacement parts, you’re not alone. We get a large number of requests for information about these products every day and, at the moment, we are trying to gather information about the makers of Ozark Trail replacement parts.

    What we have found so far is that Walmart has created the Ozark Trail ‘brand’ and under this brand name, they sell tents and other camping equipment. Problem is, Ozark Trail kind of doesn’t exist. In other words, you can’t just call up Ozark Trail and request parts or tell them you have a problem because they didn’t make the product. All or most of their products are outsourced to other companies. What does this mean to you? Well, this means that when you call Walmart they have to transfer you several times before they get you to the right manufacturer. Hopefully, we can help!

    If you are looking for replacement poles for your Ozark Trail tent, it is possible that it was made by a company called NorthPole Limited. They can be contacted by calling (800) 775-1965 Mon-Fri, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central Standard Time). They will insist that you have some product information such as model number, part number and/or part description. Hopefully, they will be able to help find replacement parts for your Ozark Trail tent.

    If you are looking for other Ozark Trail replacement parts, you can call Walmart at (800)WAL-MART. If you find some useful information that you would like us to display here on AffordableCampingEquipment, feel free to contact us.

    I’ve recently been contacted by a nice young man with some information on finding replacement parts for your Ozark Trail airbeds and air mattresses. Evidently, Walmart uses a company by the name of Intex to manufacture some, probably not all, of the air beds they sell under the Ozark Trail name. You can find them at intex.com to get replacement parts. Thanks Mike!

    Please take some time to check out the links on this page for more information on Ozark Trail outdoor equipment.

  22. I have three Ozark Trail flashlights model #TL1KPO Intertek they quit working after bout 9 months and Wal Mart does not carry them anymore. I would like something equivalent to them. They was expensive lights but not worth a dime now. How can I get these replaced?

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