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Ozark Trail is Walmart’s outdoor and adventure products line. Walmart does not have a dedicated phone number for Ozark Trail. The number listed is Walmart’s customer service phone number.

Ozark Trail makes coolers, insulated mugs and cups, tents, cookware, backpacks, sleeping bags, lanterns, flashlights, and more. The price point is much lower than brands like Yeti, REI, and Cabela’s.

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Ozark Trail Customer Service
Ozark Trail Customer Service

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  1. Purchased ozark trail 26 quart and lifetime 28quart cooler from Walmart. The lifetime cooler was cheaper and it actually holds up to what they advertise. It holds ice and keeps things cold. The Ozark trail will not even hold ice for 24 hrs so it is false advertising and I’m extremely upset. Please let me know what can be done to make this better.

  2. I purchased a 10×10 commercial grade canopy last spring. Put it up middle of may and took it down Oct 1st. Probably the best canopy I ever bought. Would like to up grade to a 10×20. Do you offer one in the same quality as the 10×10? If so can I get buy a replacement top for it.

  3. My multitool broke at the pliers now i only have one side of needle nose just got them at christmas

  4. I am reaching out to you in hopes that you may be able to help my organization in the form of a charitable donation.
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    Joshua Tycer Team member Oklahoma

  5. We bought a 12 person Ozark Trail tent for our annual family camping trip. The second we opened and tried to set it up, one of the main sticks was already broken. We couldn’t use it during our trip and had to leave it behind at the campground because there was no way of closing it back up to return it in its packaging. $200 down the drain immediately from the moment we bought it. We were very sad that we were not able to use it not once.

    Is there anything that you can do to send us a new one or give us a credit? PLEASE!

    I have my online receipt of the purchase plus pictures of everything left behind.

  6. I have 2 OT 750L flashlights they are the brightest I’ve found for the money however they only last for about 3 or 4 months and the solder joints break off at the switch.

    1. We are having the same issues with the 750L rechargeable flashlights. We bought 3 of them. 1 lasted 3mos. Stopped working outta nowhere. Got a replacement, and it stopped working after 1 day. Seem a like it may be an issued with the switch. Anyone know how to fix this, or if there’s a replacement switch for these? Really love these flashlights, before they just stop working.

  7. Coolers are dangerous.
    There is a flaw in the Ozark latch that can cause skin to be pinched and damaged. This happened while shopping so a purchase was not made. They need to recall and redesign the latches. The orange peg and the stretched black rubber connection is the problem. Skin should not be able to enter the hole where they overlay and latch.

  8. Purchased the Ozark Trail 3 room tent. It rained hard last night and water poured in from all the seams. This is the third tent we have purchased that is an Ozark Trail. Don’t mind but at the current moment, my family is homeless after our move to a new state. We really can’t afford to purchase another tent.

  9. I got a big and tall chair weight cap of 500 lbs used three times the arms on both sides are starting to tear and the seam on the seat is giving away on the front not to impressed

  10. I h ave a 1/2 gallon jug with the cable handle. it broke where it attaches at the lid. is there a replacement lid or handle available.

  11. Hello,
    Just purchased a 14 x 14 ozark trail canopy with led lighting part# wmt-141411blg. Had a hail storm and tore it to shreds. Is there any place where I can buy just the canopy?

  12. My husband has the 64 oz thermos And he broke the lid is there any way we can just buy a lid

  13. I have a ozark cooler that has a blue thick foam liner with what looks like the double zipper on the bottom part. Well it came separated and cannot close zipper. I purchased it middle of summer. I will send picture if needed. Thanks

  14. I have had an Ozark Trail soft sided cooler for about 2 years. It’s been a great cooler until recently when the zipper became unattached to the cooler.

    Is there anything you can do for me ?

  15. We have purchased 4 of your larger Ozark Trail flashlights and each one has eventually over a period of 6 months to 1 year have begun having issues with the on / off button . This has been with very minimal use . Initially we had been very pleased and impressed with their quality . However now we would trade them all for anything that would work. Very displeased and out ALOT of money . 🙁

  16. I have purchased a total of 4, 30oz Ozark Trail tumblers from Walmart. I LOVE how cold they keep my water. I drink water from the time I wake up until I go to bed and have ice in my tumblers at all times. Twice I have used it for hot coffee as well, and it keeps my coffee so hot I have to remove the lid for a while to let it cool down enough to drink from it. I can not say enough about how awesome these tumblers are each and every day.

    Recently, I noticed one of my tumblers has 5 or six little rust spots at the bottom… I did not even think that was possible! I’m so totally disappointed. And this was in my newest tumbler too… (I’ve only had it for a couple months) I bought the last one (that has since rusted) because Walmart switched to the glossy outside rather than the matte finish and I prefer the matte to the glossy. Do you have a way to get new tumblers with the matte finish and is my current tumbler under any kind of warranty?

  17. My husband cracked the plastic insert on his ozark cooler, can you buy a new insert?

  18. I bought a 6 person dome tent, yellow and white… Was $59.99 Didn’t have the rain cover with it.. Wal-Mart told me to contact Ozark. Can you ship me one please?

  19. Bought a 12 person instant cabin tent used for the first time this past week by the 6th day the door ripped not happy would like to return it and get my $$ back or a different tent

  20. I would like to say how much I love the ozark products. I’ve always been very pleased with everything that I’ve purchased .. Two weeks ago I purchased a chair, that I’ve only used three times. I was carrying the chair in its carrying bag and the whole strap ripped off. I am so disappointed I have a chair that I love and can’t carry it in the case.

  21. I have bought an Ozark trail base 14 person tent with the four rooms blue my tent poles for the rooms that hold the rooms up have broken and I need to know how I can go get replacements for my have only had it for a year and never used it and I opened it and it was broken what is the polesthat go over the top of the doorway so you know open it up I need to know the sizes of the tent poles and which ones I need.

  22. Just got ozark 10×9 with lites go to use it for first time did what directions said and lites will not work????. for price i paid just to have lites not happy and i have always used your product

  23. Called to get a replacement part for a Queen Air Mattress cap. Kept directing me back to WalMart who directed me back to Ozark Trail. No response.

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