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Ozark Trail is Walmart’s outdoor and adventure products line. Walmart does not have a dedicated phone number for Ozark Trail. The number listed is Walmart’s customer service phone number.

Ozark Trail makes coolers, insulated mugs and cups, tents, cookware, backpacks, sleeping bags, lanterns, flashlights, and more. The price point is much lower than brands like Yeti, REI, and Cabela’s.

Ozark Trail Products Website is listed here

For Walmart’s customer service reviews see this page.

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Ozark Trail Customer Service
Ozark Trail Customer Service

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  1. Need help with a cooler that I have had less then a month. Handle brackets are broke where they screw on to cooler.

  2. I am trying to locate a replacement regulator for an Ozark Trail Two Burner Camp Stove. I could not get someone on the phone to answer my questions. There is no regulator on the website for the stove.

  3. I need a replacement drain plug for the 45 quart wheeled cooler every one I look up says its not compatible

  4. My wife bought me your hammock stand less than a month ago, so that I could sleep after my back surgery, it broke dropping me on the tubing on my sutures. I am approximately 50 lbs under the weight limit. Why did it fail? And who do I have to contact to make this right?

  5. I purchased the 20 person 4 room cabin tent with 3 entrances on June 26 of 2020 so my kids and I could camp in our front yard. We used it for a few weeks with no issues until a storm came through and ripped the steaks out of the ground and absolutely destroyed the whole thing. Poles snapped and ripped right through every single slot they were attached to. That was in August and now that the weather is cooler and perfect for camping more often, my kids are upset since we were unable to salvage any part of it.

  6. I need replacement parts for an Ozark trail tent . Purchased the spring lodge tent last year , used it twice and a storm has taken it out . Need a few poles and a plastic coupler .

  7. I purchased Model # WT192117 in March 2020, didn’t actually use till July, wouldn’t have been a problem except for setup instructions, because there weren’t any, so it took 45 minutes to an hour(not good), so if anyone at Ozark Trails wouldn’t mind contact me by email.

  8. I bought a 52quart cooler. It’s supposed to last 7 days It doesn’t last one day. When ever I called Ozark Trails I had to leave a message. Never got a return call back. If this is the way you run your company I will never buy anything with this name again. Your customer service number goes right to Walmart is this some sort of scam?

  9. On 7-2-20 I bought an Ozark Trail Pro Angler 12 Kayak from the Versailles, MO WalMart. Information indicated it comes with two removable liner bags for both storage hatches. I only received one. It was also supposed to come with one rod holder that fits in the track. I received none. It was also supposed to come with 4 each Scupper hole plugs. I received none & now my kayak can easily sink & is unsafe to use without them. Therefore creating a liability towards Ozark Trail.

    I called the WalMart & asked them about the items missing but was told to contact Ozark Trail. 🤷‍♂️🤬

    1-Will Ozark Trail send me these items so I can provide a positive review, will you send me all the items?
    2-Or at least offer to send them all to me at a reasonable price so they arrive ASAP?
    3-What are the correct size of the 4 Scupper plugs I need for my Ozark Trail Pro Angler 12?
    4-If needed I can send a copy of my receipt proving my purchase.

  10. Bought a 26 qt cooler from Wal-Mart. The tag on it said it would hold ice for 4 days. I put cold drinks in it, a bag of ice, and the next day the ice is gone. No one opened it from one day to the next.

  11. I bought a 8 man+ tent about 4 months the one with a desert background brown tent with a shade had problems with until last night a wind came up tore it to shreds from 1 end to the other what’s your warranty 9r guarantee?

  12. I purchased a 20-oz Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler and it says it is supposed to keep drinks cold or hot. IT DOES NOT. I used it for my coffee and within 20 minutes, my coffee was already cool. Not worth my money!

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