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Ozark Trail is Walmart’s outdoor and adventure products line. Walmart does not have a dedicated phone number for Ozark Trail. The number listed is Walmart’s customer service phone number.

Ozark Trail makes coolers, insulated mugs and cups, tents, cookware, backpacks, sleeping bags, lanterns, flashlights, and more. The price point is much lower than brands like Yeti, REI, and Cabela’s.

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Ozark Trail Customer Service
Ozark Trail Customer Service

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  1. Ozark trail just wanted to say I love all of your products I have used I would love to test some an review them looking forward to hearing from you

  2. I bought the 12-1 muli-use tool however when I try n use one of the tools it does not lock in place. I assume its supposed. Is there something special you need to do to make it lock?

  3. I just purchased a all terrain wagon. I need a part. Who can I contact, would rather have part in place of return.

  4. My wife purchased a 52 quart high performance cooler for me for fathers day, that evening it was stolen out of the back of my truck parked in my driveway. Are there any serial numbers on the cooler or any way i can identify its my cooler with only my reciept if the police happen to find it.

  5. I received an Ozark 73 quart cooler for my birthday in late May, We went to use it for the first time yesterday (Father’s Day) and noticed where the rubber handle is attached to the lid with the orange U shaped clamped to the lid is all cracked my son purchased it and we do not have a receipt to return this to the store. I feel that the screws were over tightened tat the factory. What can be done with this issue??

  6. My 10 X 10 Commercial EZ UP completely collapsed. It was weighted down and next to my house so it didn’t travel or move it just collapsed snapping the framing. It’s warranted so how do I get it replaced?

  7. I am looking for the ozark trail 30 oz vacuum sealed tumbler in the color yellow. Walmart cannot tell me where to find one even though it shows to be available at some stores.I cant seem to find out what store has one. Has that color been discontinued?

  8. I bought a 14 person 4 room tent last year. We set it up last year, no rain. Set it up this year and it rained. Every where there is a stitch on the ground, it leaked. Spent almost $300. Not worth the money. I just spent $30 cleaning blankets and pillows. Last night was hard. We were all covered in blanket with wet spots on them, while it was raining and cold.

  9. I purchased a 13 by 9 screen house at Walmart in Lunenburg Ma last fall. I set it up last weekend for the first time and it is missing a pole. I assume this will be covered under the warranty so how do I get a replacement??

  10. I purchased an Ozark Trail 10×10 Slant Leg popup tent. It looks good and works fine, except for the nipples at the top of the tent which holds up the top grid. Only two of the four work. The other two are missing inside the leg.

  11. Je cherche des toiles ombreuses supplémentaires pour abri de jardin ozark trail
    Je me suis renseigné a walmart. On m’a conseillé de m’adresser a la compagnie
    S.v.p. me donner réponse pour savoir comment m’en procurer

  12. Try to find replace tent poles. I have item numbers tried the 800 number with Ozark Trail tent doesn’t work. Tried 2 local Walmart they couldn’t help the have smaller pole I need bigger.

  13. I nave a Ozark Trail 30 lbs thrust trolling motor. The propeller fell off . Can you tell me where I can buy one ?
    M Waterman

  14. Recently bought a 2 n 1 rocking folding chair it was the last one and it is missing the rocking chair attachments how can i go about getting those replaced

  15. I purchased ozark trail cooler about 6 months ago from
    Walmart and love the cooler it’s has always kept my beverages cold however the zipper broke and that upsets me because I love the cooler so much. I always take it with me for the military but now I have to buy a new one. Is there anything I can do for the zipper?

  16. I have bought 4 of your 12×12 instant canopies and all of them have broken within a year.

    Did you ever think about using a higher quality of materials?

    I’m done with your products

  17. I purchase two Ozark trail chairs with the arms and two pockets. A very very short time ago. Both of the right arms have broken. This is the second set I have purchased. was very pleased with the first set. But not with the second set. I would like to file a complaint. They were a little pricey. And thought they would last more than two months.

  18. Can you please tell me if it is possible to purchase repair/replacement parts for the Ozark Trail folding camp chairs? The front plastic part has snapped, and the rest of the chair is still good. If they are available for purchase, can you tell me how to order them?

  19. We purchased a 10ftx10ft slant leg canopy. The canopy top is damaged. We have a event in 6 weeks. We need a new top. How do I go about replacing the top without pay as much as the Whole set up. Please need help.

  20. Bought a ozark 8 person tent at walmart and went camping this weekend and put it up for kids and noticed one of the legs were broke and when i opened it up it looked like someone had already used it but will never buy a tent unless i look at it before buying ?

  21. I’m always always been very satisfied with the brand and the products I use. My fiance bought the DT 750 Lumen Rechargeable Camping Flashlight from Walmart.He loves it and still dose the other day he set it against my arm so I could see better to what I was doing and in a couple seconds it was hot on my arm and it burnt me I have a burn from a flashlight that I never thought possible and it needs to be known for others to be cautious about how hot it will get and don’t let kids play with it. I hope that the company sees this and addresses it appropriately with me and others. I will still be a valued customer unless this goes unaddressed thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

  22. Yes I’ll purchase a queen size dual Aunt rest air mattress from Walmart with this company and it’s defective. It’s a damn shame then you people will not own up to your products you should be doing a call back on this mattress. The mattress is basically falling apart on the inside. And to give people only a 15-day warranty is ridiculous. if I can’t get satisfaction through this I will go to the media about this situation.

  23. Bought a ozark trail 14×14 pop up canopy with built in led lights for 168.00. Well first time putting it up was today and while taking it down, i was taking the steak out of the ground and the no pintch latch popped open and caught my hand right in between my thumb and index finger. Took me over 15 mins to get my hand out. As i called customer service to let them know about there product they decide to say well we cant help you and hung up on me. Now if this is how they treat ppl then they can shove it up their butts, and my attorney will most deffintly be in touch with them. Last dam time i purchase a dam thing from walmart and the selling of junk.

  24. I purchased a Ozark Trail TL1KPO flashlight quite a while ago. It has offered many years good service. However the USB charging port has come loose from the circuit board. I’d like to get it fixed but can’t find where to send it. If any one knows where to send it. I’d appreciate the help….

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