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Ozark Trail is Walmart’s outdoor and adventure products line. Walmart does not have a dedicated phone number for Ozark Trail. The number listed is Walmart’s customer service phone number.

Ozark Trail makes coolers, insulated mugs and cups, tents, cookware, backpacks, sleeping bags, lanterns, flashlights, and more. The price point is much lower than brands like Yeti, REI, and Cabela’s.

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Ozark Trail Customer Service
Ozark Trail Customer Service

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  1. I have a Ozark trail rechargeable flashlight 1250 lums it works great but the button to turn it on broke and i was trying to see if i could a replacement button for it. (20646 china 0219 ) these are the only numbers I could find on it I really love this flashlight and would to have it fixed

  2. My cooler fell off my truck and skid down the road its a bit messed up. Wasn’t sure if this was covered under warranty

  3. I bought a 10 x 10 Ozark pop up canopy a few months ago. We had some wind and rain and the water collected in a pocket on the top. Now the one side will not snap back up in to place so we have a saggy canopy. How can we fix this and have other people had this same issue

  4. We purchased a base camp 16×16 ozark tent after two years the poles are breaking at the metal and the led lights don’t work and the tent leaked right away

  5. I bought the Ozark Trail griddle. Put it on the fire and it cracked. Never even got to use it. I also bought the 10 cup coffee pot.. used it and when i went to wash it after the part that hold the grinds sliced my finger open. Thought i was gonna have to go get stitches.

  6. I’m trying to find an Ozark Trail two burner stove regulator. Can you help me out?

  7. I bought the ozone 10 person tent poles broke this is second tent I purchased and same side poles broke . Very disappointed in pole design as even the one pole ripped side of tent

  8. I purchased 3 camping folding chairs from Walmart last month (June 2019). And all 3 are broken. One of them the package bag ripped the 2nd time I used it. I can count in one hand the times we used these chairs. Pure trash!!!!! Do NOT purchase the cheap funky chairs.

  9. I ordered a 10′ angler Ozark trail kayak. It is missing one of the back hooks used to keep the elastic in place over the cargo area.
    No one knows how to get a replacement part and has no help to offer for me to get one at pick up. I was even asked if it was a “necessity part”.

  10. My family and I have been camping since my oldest son was born,16 years ago. We were just camping on 07/25/19 and our biggest Ozark trail tent leaked rain all inside of the tent. We own four Ozark trail tents and have never had any problems. The 12 person tent like I said leaked rain all over the tent they are all in perfect condition. All of our daughters clothes and stuff was soaked and some of it was ruined. The tent also had the tarp on the top to supposedly stop the rain from coming in but did not.

  11. Bought sleeping bag that said it was a 6 foot 4 inch sleeping bag thought was a great deal well I’m 6 foot 4 and the good part for your head is down by my shoulders what kind of false advertisement or scam is this.they want you to buy there stuff really doin stuff like this,so now I have sleeping bag I can’t even use thanks ozark trail for nothing

  12. I purchased a 10×12 canopy for camping and took it out of the box and set it up for the first time. When it rained the canopy leaked at every seam. When they sewed it you can see holes along the seams. I was upset because I have never had an issue with Ozark trail products until this year. I was disappointed that I had to go buy a tarp to put over the top of the canopy to be able to stay dry underneath.

  13. Bought 2 canapy last summer, used 1 time. Went to set up for vacation, 1 arm brace was broke. We made due, taped it. Rained, collapsed the other one. Very disappointed. Would love to send you pictures.

  14. I purchased the 11 person easy up Ozark trail tent and have used it a few times, this past weekend while setting it up it wouldn’t stay up. O found the problem one of the connectors is missing a screw I currently have it pinned with a nail. It would be greatly appreciated if you could replace the tent for me.

  15. Bought a Ozark canopy 10 by slant keg….. there are so many pinholes in the stitching where the velcro is sown on, that sealers do not work… we bought one, then returned it for a second and it is the same…. what can be done about this shoddy craftsmanship?….

  16. i went to camp
    and the wind broke the stick B
    what can i do
    do i have warranty
    i am ready to pay
    but this is my second time that i use at
    plz help me

  17. I bought the heavy duty Ozark hiking backpacking in 2014 and I still have it to this day. ( July 20 2019) on a daily use after 5 years it’s definitely lived up to its name heavy duty.
    I have thousands of miles and countless adventures with his backpack. If you’re an outdoor person and hike through tough Terrain or do over night camping this is the backpack to get.
    The only thing I don’t like is the zippers get caught too easy and that becomes a pain to deal with. And the strap that goes across your chest comes off if you give it a good pull to tighten it it up. And that’s hard to put back on!!!
    To the owners or makers of this brand or to whoever it may concern if you guys could fix the strap to make it stronger or maybe sew it in
    And also make the zippers where they do not catch and break so easy this would be the perfect backpack.

    I guess after 5 years with this backpack I need to go get a new one. So I’m going to get the same backpack but just a different color this time.

  18. Apparently anyone from your company have never been camping on a beach with your families I have been to the beach ever year for the last 6 years and we camp out a week at a time and every year upswing either a 12 person tent or a 5 person tent the poles have either broke completely or they are so limber that the poles fold down there for the rain too doesn’t stay where it should and my family ends up swimming inside your tents and everything gets soaked so please take your family to a beach and sleep in one of your tents too see just how much fun it is to swim in one of you products and then please fix the problem

  19. I purchased the all terrain wagon for our beach trip and the wheel clip feel off.. I just need the small plastic clip, but I can’t find them anywhere online nor a customer service number. Any suggestions? The cart worked great for four days but now is unusable.

  20. I purchased the all terrain wagon for our beach trip and the wheel clip feel off.. I just need the small plastic clip, but I can’t find them anywhere online nor a customer service number. Any suggestions? The cart worked great for four days but now is unusable.

  21. I bought the 10×10 canopy sometime in dec of 18,.it was purchased at that time because Walmart was apparently pushing this product they were stacked all over which is fine. It was bought to be used on the 4th of July only so on July 4th yesterday I out it up ,really wasn’t used due to a crazy heatwave in Florida ,had a little rain this morning any wind that was there didn’t blow napkins off a table. I glance at the tents area and it is a crumpled mess , well passed my warranty ,doubt it would be covered anyway,won’t be buying from them again ,happy 5th all

  22. I have a 40 oz. Tumbler I bought at Walmart. It is well used and works great, but the lid cracked after a drop and I can not find a good replacement. Any brand I’ve tried just falls right into the cup. So far the only solution seems to get a new cup. Any recommendations?

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