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  1. Your product “sux” By accident ordered two. Sent one back three months ago and they emailed that they got it but no credit back to my credit card. Hell will freeze over before you can talk to any one from this company!!!!!! ZERO stars for your product and company

  2. I don’t know the serial number, but this is my second pax and it literally is burning my lips. the first one was awesome. what do I do?

  3. They do not return calls or emails. Phone call back says “There was an error placing this call press 1 to reschedule a callback” but never works.

  4. Above comments are true. It is impossible to get in touch with Pax. I will never buy their product again. I have sent SEVEN requests for help. SEVEN AS IN (7). Not one return message. When I energize my pax it blinks two times purple then ten times blur and shuts off. $200 for what!

  5. pax does not work as it supposedly should, does not work properly when loaded, burns up the product because it jumps to high heat on its own

  6. It truly does suck that you can’t call customer support and their hours are very limited. Even when you email them it takes forever for them to respond. I contacted them on Monday, and it’s now Thursday. I received an email from them on Monday saying they received my email, and they gave me an ID number and that’s the last I heard from them. Come on PAX, you guys were awesome when you first started. I see you’ve sold over 50000 of these, too. Your warranty is AWESOME and you honor it well… DON’T MESS THIS THING UP, YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL PRODUCT!!!

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