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  1. The absolutely WORST credit card company to do business with, or TRY to do business with, since you cannot contact a real person and if you do all you get is the “run-around”!! They sent me an email offering a $50 statement credit if I made a minimum $100 purchase using the card prior to 31 Dec 14. I made the purchase early Nov 14 and despite speaking with at least 2 different Synchrony personnel on 2 different occasions, I still do not have the promised $50 statement credit. Contacting PayPal is just as frustrating because they say the offer was made by Synchrony Bank and not PayPal. Sadly, Synchrony Bank handles most of the credit cards such as Sam’s, Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Lowe’s, just to name a few. If enough cardholders would start cancelling accounts, maybe these merchants would get the message that Synchrony “sucks”.

  2. OKay, tried to make another inquiry about the charges on my bill, that seems to be getting larger, dispite my 100 dollor plus payments. I had no choice excepty to hear the balance and amount received for payment, When I pressed 0, it give me no other choice but to inquire about my balance. Upon thinking about this, could it be possible that my payments are added instead of deleting my balance? I am so sure that I have not charged what they say I owe. So sorry it has come to this, as I have used this card for a few years and it is so easy and supposidly safe for Amazon, etc. That promote this card.

    I will pay it off and use my Arp. card from now on.


  3. I am so frustrated with your website. I find my ballance,and recent transactions. But cannot find the card statement like I have a copy of from last Dec. Jan. I have tried several times, several different days, made several calls and cannot find the statement like I might receive in the mail, with all purchases, payments, etc.

    My balance seems to be wrong, but I cant find the full statement like the one from last year, that I have a copy of in front of me. I need to review it to see if all the purchases are mine. I make about $100 payments most eve. month, and don’t think I spend the amount that it says my balance is. At least till I look at it , in case I forgot somethng. I have gone over and oveer the web site for Pay Pal, and cannot find the Master card statement.

    Pllllllleeese, help me check this out.


  4. I would have given this outfit a much lower rating that one star if this website allowed it.

    I have had a PayPal Extras Master Card for several years. Dealing with them when they were part of GE Capital Bank wasn’t always easy, but you could at least get through to somebody if you were persistent and patient enough.

    Since GE became “Synchrony Bank” their customer service has gone from just okay to HORRIBLE. My card was recently hit with a fraudulent charge. They contacted me on October 31 to verify the charge. I confirmed that it was fraudulent. My card was cancelled, a new card was issued and I was promised a new card in 10 business days.

    Ten days passed, but no card arrived. I tried contacting Synchrony customer service. I couldn’t get through – kept getting a recorded message announcing “due to high call volume, we are not taking calls at this time.” Got this message every time I tried to call. Finally called PayPal (please note: PayPal customer service is always EXCELLENT). PayPal finally managed to connect me to Synchrony using a 1-800 number for commercial clients. Synchrony’s service rep told me that a new card had been issued, and that I should receive it within the next three days. Three days passed – still no new card.

    Tried contacting Synchrony directly four more times. Finally went back through PayPal, but even their calls weren’t getting through. They had to make several attempts to finally connect me to Synchrony. Synchrony finally told me that my account had been permanently closed, and no new card would be issued. I would have to submit a new credit application. I had to resort to threats of war to get a supervisor who agreed to re-issue a card on my existing account.

    I was told I would see my new card “in seven to ten business days.” Hopefully this time I actually get a new card, though I may still pay off the card and close the account. I just don’t want to deal with this kind of headache again. This process took DAYS of repeated unsuccessful attempts to resolve when it should have taken a single phone call to a competent customer service rep.

    If you are considering doing business with Synchrony — DON’T DO IT!!! Synchrony Bank’s customer service ought to be prohibited by the Geneva Convention. It is nothing short of brutal torture. PayPal — PLEASE FIND A NEW VENDOR FOR YOUR MASTERCARD SERVICE!!!

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