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  1. I was a contented customer for 8 years. Then someone use malware to take remote control over my browser while I was out. They ran up my paypal bill and emptied my bank account. PayPal said it looked like I did it, so I was responsible. “Fine,” I said, “but cancel my account or freeze it.” Eight years of excellent service down the toilet the first time I’m hacked? Sorry, but that’s not good enough. Use at your own risk and don’t do something stupid like I did and link your Bank/Checking account to it! Good luck!

  2. worst card ever if you have get rid of it nothing but trouble almost impossible to get a statement hard to make a payment to them and then they bill yu late charges

  3. Where is my original Pay Pal account that disappeared a few months ago and I can’t find any web site for it now??? “” is now “” and not the same thing! I also received a phone call from a company called Synchrony Bank and they said I owed $90. I paid it over the phone and it disappeared and I can’t find it on any web site. This is getting worse by the day. The person on the Synchrony Bank call said that their web site is “paypalsmartconnect” THERE IS NO SUCH WEB SITE ANYPLACE THAT I CAN FIND!!!

    My checking account has a line item called “SYNCB” with a phone number of 800-541-9049 and that is where my $90 went! From all the comments I think that everyone is having the same trouble. How do we bring this to the attention of eBay management??? Someone help us please!?!?!?!?

  4. I had a very negative experience with Paypal smart connect. DO NOT EVER USE THIS!!!!! I used my paypal smart connect to make a few purchases without any incidents so I figured this would be no problem also. I check the website the day before just to make sure I can use Paypal smart connect anywhere Paypal is accepted. so after doing my due diligence I decided to purchase tickets through Stubhub. Mind you my payment preference in Paypal is to connected to the Paypal smart connect. why is it that I proceed with the transaction and the entire amount is removed from my checking account. of course I was not happy about this. I then call Paypal customer support or lack there of and was told if I wanted a refund I would have to go through Stubhub, ok I can see this point. I then asked the customer service person if Paypal smart Connect is accepted everywhere Paypal is accepted. she proceeds to tell me I can only use smart connect is that payment option is available during the transaction. huh? I checked the website, so I decided to cut and paste the exact verbage is as follows:

    Where can I use PayPal Smart Connect?

    You can use PayPal Smart Connect to fund purchases on eBay listings that accept PayPal and anywhere else PayPal payments are accepted.

    No where in this statement does it say only if Paypal smart connect appears as an option for payment. THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT IN EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM. Needless to say I will pay off my account and use them little to none at all if possible.

  5. I made a purchase in Nov. on my PayPal/Bill Me Later credit account. It showed up on my PayPal Smart Connect account and put me over the limit. The first of this month my PayPal Smart Connect send a payment from my Primary Payment method, credit card, to I page and a few days later sent the payment from my checking account. I filled out a form and it showed up that the refund was completed. The money did no go to my checking account nor did it go to my credit card, the balance on my Smart Connect showed $0.00. Three days ago I made a purchase on line for $246. My credit card is listed as my primary payment option. They charged my credit card $7 and took the rest from the refund which never showed up anywhere as being there. I filled out the forms again, no reply. I have called,played the robo selection and have been hung up on during the transfer to a real person.

  6. Consumer affairs has to step in..Not all of these people are imagining these things..Everything that these people are explaining about their account has happened to me..I didn’t know I even had an outstanding account with my name on it and I didn’t authorize any $300 transfer on that card..And why would I use a card for a transfer money to my wife, who is out of town taking care of her father, if I had the cash in the Paypal account..I called Paypal and they said that card company had to be contacted directly and that they could not make any changes to the balance on the Smart Connect account…Not to mention I have to speak to someone in the middle east to try to straighten it out..Their not even in the United States..M.C.

  7. I have a PayPal SmartConnect Account which I have had for over two years. This past year, I suddenly could not access it online to make purchases. I have been put on hold by their several areas of “customer service” for over four hours and disconnected 3 times while trying to remedy this situation. I have been lied to several times. I have nowhere to go for help. This company sickens me.

  8. Me gustaria si pudieran atenderme tengo dias marcando y nada nesesito solucionar algo con ustedes ,. Gracias servicio al cliente espero su respuesta.

  9. This is the worst card ever. No statements sent paid my acts every month then I got charged a late fee every month which equaled 250.00 in the 6 months I had the card. I closed the card.

  10. I spent 2 hours, attempting to reach the Fraud Investigation Department, their Phone number is 877-891-5886.

    Two fraud accounts have been opened in my Name.

    When, I first called Smart Account, they said they would send paperwork to tell my side of the story. Instead they opened another Smart Connect Paypal Credit Account in my Name.

    The first account ran up about $700. While I was talking to the Fraud account, I found that another account was opened and about $100 was run up.

    The Fraud Department has said that NO SMART CARD CREDIT CARDS would be opened without my direct phone call. I spent over Two Hours attempting to reach the Correct Department. I repeatedly was told that I would be transferred to a live person, but time after I was transferred to an electronic call robot.

    I wish that they spoke the truth, except not telling the truth.

    Very disappointed customer

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