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  1. I keep getting a message from PC Matic that my license has expired. I have no idea what this means and I sent you two requests for assistance on this issue. No response so far. What is going on.

  2. I subscribed to your service a couple of months ago but now i cant get the scan to work anymore i just get a blank screen

  3. PC-MATIC w/SUPER SHIELD is the best product that i have ever had !!

    I have the EVERGREEN subscription-

    Recently i have experienced a rash of problems, which i think could have been caused by a apparent foreign product that was supposed to improve pc speed—i lost another file/program that i cannot locate, along with the problems i am having with my PC-MATIC—following is the program that was lost by this foreign program i entered into

    Shortcut to: C:UsersGary’s Laptop 002program files (x86)conduitCT3291325TBVerifier.dll.search-ms

    The culprit program that i used was: TURBO CLEAN PC v4.1

    when i attempted to uninstall this program, i received error message “C:Program Files (x86)Turbo Clean PCunis000.dat” does not exist. Cannot uninstall

    i finally hit upon something that seemingly got rid of this program

  4. My first contact with pcmatic started with rep/tech trying to up sell me, telling me the cost for the service would be $150.00, when questioned about the $50.00 quote made on TV he immediately dropped price to $50.00 then went into sales pitch. I purchased service, however, later when the tech called, I was advised to purchased windows 8, which I did for $180.00. This was not necessary. They never did anything to help my computer, had to purchase Norton to fix issues. Will not ever do business with this company again and would advised anyone not to. Never could get a straight answer and always transferred to another person where I would have to start all over explaining my situation. No help. DO NOT USE THIS FIRM.

  5. Same thing happen to I though I was talking to Microsoft but I was’nt. It cost me $300 to work on my PC. About 2 days later they wanted to sell me a life time service for about $1000 and I said noway. Thiers nothing wrong with Microsoft just make sure you get the right number. Microsoft will never call you this is the number for microsoft 1-800-642-7676 and it cost $149 for a year. Good luck.

  6. The technical support inquiry form just goes to revolving ‘tire’ symbol (forever). Doesn’t allow input in the form of a question

  7. This is the worst service I have ever had. They never answer the phone the scans will not work unless in safe mode. Total piece of crap. They are eager to refund instead of helping to remote in and work to solve the issues. Worthless crap of a company and should be sude for false advertising. Don’t waist your money on the bogas compney.

  8. I do not wish to renew by PC Matic contract. My computer crashed and when I contacted by e-mail your service dept. was told to contact the Microsoft number for help. Had to get a Microsoft representative to fix problem and it cost me $199 for one year coverage. Why couldn’t PC Matic take care of this for me???

  9. 3rd request

    You keep billing me….why?


    Lic.Key DMHO-5555535 you cashed two CC payments and the expiration date is now 5 Aug 2017

    Transaction I.D.–82587638dddddd555511437

    That should get you started.

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