Penndot Phone Number


Travel Conditions Dial: 511
Roadway Concerns Dial: 1-800-349-7623

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8 Replies to “Penndot Phone Number”

  1. Need road clear tree service for branches on wires at Dekalb pike- 202–in lower Gwynedd near School House rd. in front of stockade fence.

  2. When is pendot gonna start taking better care of I 80 in the winter. They can take taxpayers money and build a brand new building at exit 120 where there are more wrecks than anywhere else on 80 and if they would ask people around that area they would get the awncer of why didn’t they buy more plow trucks to take care of the roads. Even when pendot knows there is bad weather coming they still drop the ball over and over. I know what we will hear from u that u guys do a great job. Well guess what you might want to ask around because that isn’t even close to the truth. Nice building at exit 120 though today is the 31st of March and over in loganton today I watched a car and a tractor and trailer get together and then 6 more trucks go in the ditch and jack ice due to the road not being treated. You can blame that on other drivers like u guys always do but the truth is its your neglegince. Nice pendot building at exit 120 though. Go out and ask all these truck drivers about they feel about pendot. After all they are out there every day and see it 1st hand. You coul start at the scale house at mile marker 56 you might be surprised what they tell you.

  3. I would like to know when Burnt House Hill Road in Buckingham, PA between Mechanicsville Road and Cold Spring Creamery Road will be repaired. It went from bad two months ago to horrendous today.

  4. Can a doctor give you a shot that prevents you from driving. I am ROBERT NOEL HARRER, I have been driving 44 yrs , perfect driving record, no cititations, no stop, no red light violations, etc. a doctor should not prevent you from driving

  5. Yesterday 2/27/2014 a snow plough ripped my mail box off its wooden perch, on Zuck Road in Millcreek, and broke it into pieces. I am hoping that Penndot replaces my mailbox since it is their liability. I can’t receive any mail until that is replaced, so I don’t want to have to go through further time wasting procedures to make them honor their obligation.

  6. While the phone message says “our customers are very important”, I find it impossible to reach a person at Penndot. How on earth does a taxpayer reach anyone at this huge government funded agency???

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