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People Magazine is a celebrity and lifestyle magazine that has the highest readership of any U.S. magazine. People’s largest competitor is US Weekly.

People Magazine Corporate Offices

1716 Locust Street,

Des Moines, IA 50309-3023

805 Third Avenue

New York, NY 10022

Corporate Phone Number: 1-515-284-3000

NY Office Corporate: 1- 212-499-2000

Customer Service: 1-866-365-1620

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People Magazine Customer Service

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167 Replies to “People Magazine Customer Service”

  1. Sent you an envelope back telling you I don’t like your magazine and I just received another one. I also notice several other people have been treated the same way. Don’t, I repeat don’t send me any more issues. I will put this one in the return mail.

  2. I received your bill with due date 08/09/16 in the amount of $33.00.

    I would like to inform you that when I received the 1st bill with due date 5/11/16 without yet receiving a copy of the magazine, I right away called up your billing/customer service and I spoke to certain Nick and I told him that I do not wish to receive any magazine and to cancel the subscription which he said he will as requested. To be exact I made the call on 5/1/16

    To my dismay I again received bills with due date 5/14/16 and 6/19/16, this time a sent back to you the bill with a note saying that the subscription have been cancelled through phone/Nick. However, you still continue sending me copies of the magazine which to be honest with you I have not time to read.

    Please check this matter with Nick and your system might be able help to tracking my conversation with him.

    I hope this statement will close the issue. Thank you so much and more power to your magazine.

    Fe M Coffman-Account#3017620877

  3. I own a nail salon and have bought People magazine in 15 years for the waiting room. At the end of March 2016′ I did not receive continuously 2 issues and I had to call the customer service. To my surprise, they told me that on March 11/2016, someone had asked to change my subscription to another address (a nail salon in the same zip code). I think that People magazine must do something to protect us from fraud by asking the impersonator about a password (my e-mail address) or at least to inform me by phone, e-mail or letter about this change. As of today, I have missed 4 issues (Kate, Trump, D. Berrymore and N. Wood). Every week, I had to call for a replacement which reach me two weeks later, and until now I only received the first replacement. Should I discontinue this subscription? or should I report this scam to the police?

  4. We were getting the mag for over a year. Then we used airline points to resubscribe.

    We started getting issues in SPANISH !!!

    I sent them a letter.

    Reply came : ” Thanks. We discontinue your subscription. No charge . Etc Etc. ”

    Are they funny or they don’t read ?

  5. I have tried to contact you to cancel my subscription to People. I applied for a free four week magazine with the option to cancel after receiving two copies and owing nothing. I wrote CANCEL on my billing notice TWICE and mailed it back to you, only to have a bill sent to me. I no longer wish to receive this magazine .

  6. I am also trying to contact People Magazine to cancel their subscription and also getting a busy signal. Does anyone know the email to people magazine to cancel this outside of their website, cause I was also having an issue canceling on their website due to a server error: Error 500: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems: The import com.timeinc.tcs.wes.controller.ServletController cannot be resolved ServletController cannot be resolved to a variable.

  7. People magazine entered my subscription with the wrong address and wrong last name. II am having a difficult time to get it corrected. I changed both on their website, but the still use that bad information they entered.

  8. you are charging my accout for a people magazine that I did not order and I will be charging you the 30 dollars

    it cost me to put a stop payment on it I am not spanich can not read or speak the language so why would I want your magazine

  9. I have subscribed to people magazine, unfortunately, you have sent me

    the copies in Spanish.

    Please send me my subscription copies in English.

  10. I need to change my address with People Magazine. The Post Office is requiring my Apartment number to be included on the address label. How do I make this change?

  11. Today I got a people magazine in the mail in Spanish with my name on it. I did not order People magazine and was wondering if you can trace where the order came from. Also I do not speak Spanish. The subscription says it goes for a year?!!!!!

  12. I just called People customer service at 800-541-9000 and received EXCELLENT service. My call was answered right away by an English speaking young lady. She was very friendly and handled the merging of 2 accounts quickly. I had made an error in extending my account and started receiving 2 magazines. She fixed me right up without any fuss. So glad People doesn’t outsource customer service to a foreign country!

  13. People Magazine Editor :

    You have incorrect English in an article about Pippa Middleton.

    It says the couple “had took” a vacation, etc. Come on, did you even

    check the article before it was printed ?? The correct English usage

    would be the couple “had taken” a vacation. This is one of my favorite

    quick read magazines- get your act together ! Diana

  14. Today I received a People magazine in the mail. Not only did I not order your magazine and it came to me in Spanish. I am a full blooded American and can’t read Spanish. See if you can trace where the order came from. If I receive a bill for said magazine I will not pay for the magazine. What should I do with magazine ?

  15. Long time subscriber of People. This issue Sept. 14 2015 – Cover with Rosemary Kennedy on cover. Many of the pages in the magazine were not attached correctly and made several of the stories impossible to read.

    I want another issue sent to me.

  16. I had never ordered people magazine which was arriving in Spanish. The customer service line was busy the two times I called, so I call the Corporate Office. They gave me another customer service number of 800/283-6524. Called it and they gave me another number that would tell me why I was receiving these. That number is 800-399-5731. Apparently, I had signed up to win something and that company gave these as a gift. Why Spanish, I don’t know, but customer service cancelled it and now receiving in English for free.

  17. Since People Magazine seems to have jumped on the Obama gun control band wagon, you are now political. Therefore after Twenty ( did I say 20 ?) years of subscription service We will no longer renew our subscription. Done with People Mag.

  18. We have not received People Magazine since June 26th, we are suppose to have 26 weeks and have only received 5, we call the Number and its always busy. Please start back sending the magazine or explain why we are not receiving it. Thanks for your Help

  19. did not order this time, and we get a bill for $316.41 with asking for installment payment of $79.11.No way this isn’,t the company we have purchased from

    no more people’,s in this house.

  20. I do not wish to receive any more People Magazines. I chose the free copies. I continue to receive the magazine. I have not received a bill as yet, but will not pay it as I never subscribed to it. Please take my name off your mailing list.

  21. I agreed to receive 4 free People Magazines and after 1 was sent, I am getting billed. I don’t want to subscribe to People so don’t bill me for any magazines.

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