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  1. i sale my shop only your company soft drinks .but today very bad day because ref talk bad word shout toomuch bad in my staff also here very bad habit man he is name palinda .sri lanka colombo malabe area ref .i complain company that moment but that guy is no good. but no any action this moment fast .3year fast only my restaurant sale sale your brands today i got nice gift on your ref bad word.very thanks for pepsi nice customer service .nice customer complains headlining.pleas do not other customer to do same.i respect you company .i want talk sri lanka GM or CEO.

  2. PLEASE go back to the old style of sixteen ounce plastic Pepsi bottles!!!! the new tall ones tip over way to easily… or change the bottom of them so they will stand better!!! Mine are constantly tipping over in my Refridgerator and when i set them down… My sister also has the same complaint… Please consider some type of change????? Thank you…

  3. I was always a drinker of Sierra Mist since it came out. It had a great taste and fervently wish it was still available. I recently purchased Mist Twist and I want to tell you it is terrible. It has no taste! It is like drinking plain seltzer! Why was a great soda changed to a horrible one. If I wanted seltzer, I would have bought seltzer. Pepsi is not like it used to be!

  4. Aquafina I purchased my last bottle of this water. I just dumped a bottle of it all over my desk because the plastic is so thin the bottle will not stand on it’s own. Glacier Mist is cheaper and because they put a few more pennies in the bottle maybe my desk will stay dry.

  5. I purchased a 12 pack of Pepsi and by the time I got my groceries unpacked there were two cans totally empty. Why? This is not right I purchased 12 I should be able to enjoy 12. I am saving the cans still with cap to show if someone needs to see them.

  6. What happen to Sierra Mist??? I was told Mist TWST is the replacement with added flavor. Mist TWST contains High Fructose Corn Syrup which I avoid at all cost. I will not purchase this soft drink or any product that contains HIGH FRUTOSE CORN SYRUP. In addition, the flavor is awful and I will not purchase again. Thank your for the improvement of my favorite soft drink. I am sure my comment will not meet approval!!

  7. The new containers of Pesi, the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” were elimanated —been a Pepsi fan for over sixty years—-always better then coke—but because of this oversight, even though I have not many years left—-they will be years, NOT, utilizing your products…

  8. I would like to register a concern similar to the one posted by Carole on 1/13/2016. I have been drinking caffeine-free diet Pepsi for several years. Due to fluid intake restrictions imposed by my doctor, I can’t drink as much Pepsi as I would like to, but I do drink a fair amount of it. I will buy 3-4 12-packs when they are on special. . Beginning a few months ago, I started having a couple of different problems. The lesser problem is having 1-2 cans per 12-pack that are soft and flat. The more significant problem is the occasional, complete loss of 2-5 cans in a 12-pack. Sometimes, this is due to the flimsy can springing a small leak This never happens with the cans of diet Coke, which my wife consumes a great deal of.. Other times, I think it must be leaking through the pop top, as there is no obvious puncture in the can. As Carole noted in her post, it doesn’t matter where they are purchased so it is not the handling of one careless store. Also, as Carole noted, any savings I try for are going down the drain (literally). Hopefully you will find a solution and I can continue to enjoy my favorite soda.

  9. It is summer and a fairly new product has come out but NO one can seem to be able to purchase it due to not enough being placed on the shelves. The product I am talking about is the Lipton Peach Tea in plastic bottles.

    All I want to know is there a way for a customer to place an order and be able to buy it or please put more of the peach tea on the shelves and give more people chances to purchase this item.

    Please respond by contacting me at my email address:

    Thank you



  11. I received an sms advising me that my sim card won R250000.00 in Pepsi Company Promo S.A 2014. Ref No. (2014CPP)to be activated. For your claim call(- 7 – 9 – – 3 – 2 – 5)or email: —————–. Cell phone numbers omitted and email address given.

    Could this be genuine?

  12. As their business customer,I am quite disappointed with Pepsi customer service. We are scheduled to make the order on Friday and delivered on Saturday .Normally they do call in to get our order every Fri .But sometimes nobody called we would miss our order if we did not call back and the weekend business messed up.It seems the sales person doesn’t care much about their customer on the last day of the week.What is worse ,there is no way to get in touch with anybody in the sales department for a national company like Pepsi Co on Sat and Sun .The only department open is the Equipment service (That is good thing ,but they can’t help anything with the sales department )

    If you are to call ,make sure do it every time or leave it for customer to call in themselves .Relying on each other to do something can only mess up the relationship between each other .Plus spare an opportunity to fix the mistake done by either party.


  13. I have been drinking diet Pepsi for many years and always loved it. Now that you have changed to the other sweetener I’m afraid I’ll have to find another drink. I hate the taste and there are times, if it isn’t freezing cold, it almost makes me feel sick! I don’t like diet Coke but I don’t see any other alternative. You have destroyed a good thing!

  14. My favorite drink has always been Pepsi . And when I go out, if I can’t have Pepsi, I ask for water. At home, I sometimes add a scope of vanilla ice cream and make myself a soda. It’s so good! I’m 92 years old and Pepsi will always be my favorite drink.

  15. Pepsi has been our families favorite drink for many, many years. I never thought I would be complaining about Pepsi and considering purchasing other soda brands. We buy at least 5 cases or 10 twelve packs a week. We are careful to check who has the best deal and buy them at the store offering the best price for the week. The last few months we have had so many cans that are soft and flat. So disappointing that it keeps happening over and over. Often in a 12 pack we come across 2 cans wasted and even more in the 24 case. I cannot understand what is causing this but it doesn’t matter where they are purchased so it is not the handling of one careless store. I hope you fix this problem because between yesterday and today 4 cans have been tossed in the garbage. Any savings we try for are going down the drain. Hopefully you will find a solution and we can return to the best soda available.

  16. you changed the flavor of cherry pepsi for what reason I Don’t know but it is terrible I now will have to change to cherry coke after thirty years you ruined it for me………….

  17. this product is the best and the company and someone by the name of Mike that works in the company that receives this e-mail is very good and continence about his job and the company he works for. please keep up the great product and service. I’ve been a loyal customer for way over 60 years. thank- you.

  18. I always chooses diet Pepsi over coke no that you took out the aspartame it taste flat and gross now I will be going to coke and I never ever would consider that until thi happend please can you make diet Pepsi for people that liked it with aspartame and for the people who choose to have it without it I always bought diet Pepsi until this change just had dinner with family most are diet Pepsi drinker and said the diet Pepsi was nasty.please fix??

  19. Our family drink a lot of pepsi. Last week we brought 8 cases of pepsi some of the cans were flimsy and the soda was flat and tasted horrible. The soda was brought at the Turnersville store in New Jersey. Please check into this we love our Pepsi but cannot continue to drink it if this doesn’t get resolved. We can’t tell by the box because some cans are ok but there are less than half that are bad. The bad ones are the flimsy cans. Please respond.

  20. I would like to know if a Richard Woerndle work in you advertisement department? He has advertisement out the will pay people $450.00 a week to allow pepsi to put a decal on your car. I just want to know if this is real or fake. He mailed me a check for $2850.00 to deposit into my account . I think he is trying to rep me off in the name of Pepsi. Give me a call at my email address. Lets talk about this.

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