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  1. my sons & myself (5 persons) have been meeting at Perkins, in Liberty Mo, the first Saturday of each month, since 2003. The service and wait time to be served has deteriorated over the past year. All the old help is gone and the young replacements could care less. The restaurant used to be great and the place was packed with patrons. Now the place is empty and it still takes 45 minutes plus to be served. The food isn’t even hot. You need to improve, or we will find somewhere else to meet.

  2. We went to perkins and waitd 40 min to get food, food was cold, hashbrowns were all greese, the worst place we ate in a long time, we will never go back EVER to any perkins (Janesville wi) is the location. Terrible I don’t know how else to describe the worst meal we ever ate, well I hope others read my post and go eat elsewhere.

  3. I was at the little falls restaurant, we ordered our food and then waited for 30 minutes, the waitress then came out and said our order wasn’t printed. We then sat another 30 min and nobody came to our table. We had three groups of people that came in after us get served and finish their food. It was the poorest service I have ever seen. I will never go back to the little falls Perkins again.

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