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  1. I enjoy wearing the Playtex P4695 double and triple d bras, but recently the care instructions have been plastered in black ink on the inside. The big black lettering almost takes up the entire space on one band and is most unsightly and definitely unfeminine.

    Please remove the ugly print and put it back on a tag attached to the bra where it used to be.

    Thanks again for a fine product.

    Stephanie L. Pesando

  2. Looking for a bra with the number 7570 was found at Kmart but they are going out of business and want to know where it can now be found.????

  3. I just ordered three new Playtex bras and when they came in, I was very upset to find that they were packaged in plastic containers instead of the cardboard boxes I have always bought them in before. Everyone who cares about the environment knows that we must reduce the vast amount of plastic trash we generate. It is absolutely irresponsible for any company to change from recyclable cardboard to plastic packaging, as Playtexfits has done. You are going backwards and need to rethink this bad decision.

  4. I used to always purchase Playtex bras but the last two ( same style) are horrible. They have a lace like trim and the bottom band is so scratchy is impossible to wear.my purchases are 18 hour 4693 made in El Salvador size 40dd. I will not buy them again. They are not cheap. Everytime I think I will try to wear again the discomfort is so terrible I have to change it.

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