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  1. DO NOT CALL POF CUSTOMER SERVICE HELP LINE AT ANY NUMBER LISTED- It is a scam. Recently called the POF Customer service to see if my account was hacked and the Customer Service asked for a $2.00 charge to re-open the account. In 2 minutes he had charged $300.00 to my bank account!! I truly suspect that this is some back room operation of POF, as I sent correspondence to POF to this effect and NO Reply.

    1. I have the same problem did nothing gave a warining yet tried to upload and says revoked, yet I get a stalker that keeps siging up under different profiles keep reporting and keep letting him back on

  2. I am not happy with plenty of fish the reason why I’m not happy it’s because I have three or four profiles set up with you guys and everytime I try to get back online to see if I got any messages from women every time I put in my password that I created it comes back invalid password and I know what password I put in and I’m getting tired of this crap so I’m letting you guys know just to remove my profile my pictures everything I am done with POF if I can’t find a woman here in Yakima Washington the hell with women then I am really craped off with POF sincerely mr. Delbert stiner

    1. I’m extremely frustrated with POF. I have just been charged on my credit card for another subscription and I have been in a relationship for almost 3 years. i’m married now and want my money back? I cannot get any response from these people.

    2. Yes…the same thing keeps happening to me..this is 4th time putting up a profile again & can’t get back in..this is a Bunch of BS..nobody responds when u ask why this keep happening..I’m glad I didn’t to an upgrade..I rather upgrade some where else on a site where I knw for sure this Wont ever happen..POF & Markus Frind are both full of carp..

  3. Russell I am a rookie with all of this. I have tried several times to straighten out my mess. I need better assistance than I have received. Please cancel my account and refund my money. Thanks.

  4. Dear POF, I’ve been on and off the site for a few years now and in that time you keep signing me out. Even when you send a link so I can reset my password it still doesn’t recognize it and I have to rejoin with a new account and start again which is very frustrating!

    There must be a problem somewhere that needs resolving. Can you somehow resolve my problem so I can use your site again?

    Yours sincerely,


  5. Under new GDPR regulations everyone has a right to control the data held about them.

    If you had POF account then deleted it, pof still hold data about you but require you to log into the account you no longer have in order to unsubscribe or modify those details.

    This makes a mockery of their compliance with European law.

    Contacting them is virtually impossible.

  6. I am not able to get a pof account because of failure to get proper help and no live talk or phone number to get help.

  7. I sent an email, saying I had been hacked.. well, I changed my password, now I can NOT log on… I have had this account for years.. Please help!!

  8. Can’t get on POF. I haven’t changed anything. I don’t put anything on that would break the rules. I’m a christian and do not say things I shouldn’t. I even tried 3 times to email customer service, no response. I tried to change my password….nothing!

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