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  1. I’m trying to get into my pot n it says the password is in correct.however it won’t send me an email to be able toads a different password.can u please

  2. I am commenting with my profile I had before all of a sudden it don’t exist it’s like I never created it my email is I want to know what going on and why is it not letting log in I would appreciate it if you let me know. also, for some reason, my email says it don’t exist and its the new I used

  3. My upgraded POF account has been hacked, by someone in Virginia, and I can not find a way, to contact anyone, about fixing this problem! I am so aggrivated, with this! There no problem taking my money, but now, I can’t log in, change my password, or navigate anywhere, having to do, with POF!! I love the site, and have met some great people, because of it, but this lack of customer service, is inexcusable! There is someone defrauding women, and I am paying for this loser, to do so!!!!! I need this problem fixed, asap!

  4. I am pretty sure I have been hacked and someone else is not using my POF account.

    I am no longer able to get into my account!

    Please do something ! Start by contacting me!

    My name and contact info:

    POF UserName: BSI


    Please … contact me ASAP!

  5. Someone “Hi-jacked” my account. I sent info to POF so that situation could be corrected. Guy that “jacked” my account kept sending messages to women that I would not have sent messages to. He also changed my picture to his picture. I had to delete my account to be sure he did not add any services that were in need of payment. I am waiting for someone from POF to contact me so I can have situation resolved.

  6. Will a person from POF company please contact me. Our family has an emergency we are dealing with involving our young daughter who was using your site. She may have connected with someone on the site and she is now a missing person in the Phoenix area. We need your help to potentially identify the trail of a person that she may have connected with who was believed to be the last person to see her. We fear the worst. Her name is Angela. Visit her Facebook page now which has her missing person information. Our family needs help from the POF company to find our daughter. or you can E-mail me at to reach us.

    Thank you for passing this message to someone in management for POF.

  7. Why can’t Plenty of Fish have a legitimate phone number for assistance to the people that are patronizing this Dating site company. Show us some respect ok? All I have been trying to do is upgrade and it will not allow me to upgrade using my Net Spend Visa card. I have had no problem with the other dating sites excepting it when I choose to upgrade. The money is on my card, but if this matter can’t be resolved maybe with all these issues many of us need to stop patronizing those that don’t concern themselves with the public.

  8. This is the second time in 30 days I have been hacked on this site I just got hacked today 10/8 My old user name was royvick it got hacked, my current user name is royvick123 got hacked today. I can not log on using my email address or user name and pass word. I have been a member for a long time now and sure would like to have this fixed. My email address is you should have all this info on file. Roy taulbee

  9. OK ***holes, I am a paid member and cannot access my account. I have run into everything everyone else is complaining about. I would like a refund or give me access.

  10. On Saturday, January 16 I signed up but is my username is Sara loves 69 I did everything right I was communicating people and then when I went to reload my password it when I accept it I didn’t send him my email so they can reset my password it doesn’t take that either please help my email is I connected with a few people and now I can’t get it back to put them all I did was signed off the computer and when I went back it’s like it doesn’t exist please help

  11. Someone has created a fake pof account in the name of shasrin. While the name is not accurate, the pics are for sure me. I did not authorize anyone to create an account with these pics…or any likeliness to my name. I am demanding the account be removed within 72 hours. If it is not, I will seek an attorney. Thank you.

  12. I have been on POF for a while now and twice now there has been a time when my face does not match my profile or location, LIKE NOW!!!


  13. your company pof has banned me for no reason, I meet someone on the site and when it did not work out ,I tried to get back on, but I am having problems loginning on, so I think I was banned for no reason,

  14. I went to sign in my account today and it wouldn’t take my password. I then proceeded to put in my email addy and it said it didn’t exist. I wouldn’t mind, however, you have my money for upgraded account, which I now have no access to. Please advise!!


  15. I ca n find no customer service. My password does not work and regardless of resetting it, it will not work. I find no way to talk to someone to fix the problem.

    What can be done?

  16. I have contacted POF twice. They said this would be a long wait, but weeks is ridiculous. I receive a message that “Someone” wants to meet me. Then click on the site.

    There is no name, no profile, just generic page. I am still waiting, as several “someones” have responded and I unfortunately can not respond back

  17. My account was working just find earlier today and I go back in and it says by username or password are wrong…try to change my password and it says my email address doesn’t exist. I just set this up two days ago.

  18. Someone stole my account and changed my password. What do I have to do to get it fixed? They also stole the email account that I get notifications on.

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