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  1. I’m having the same problem I am wondering is this a joke of some type? If it is its not funny. I registered on the site and for some stupid reason,I forgot to mark my password down. So I went to reset my password. Couldn’t get in either.So I contacted the site,never got a reply. So I did another new e-mail and it told meI already had an account in that e-mail. Never had one there. And the reset instructions they sent me don’t work. So I think their system is screwed.

  2. My upload privileges have been revoked and I would like them back please and thank you I apologize for the inconvenience it will happen again

  3. POF Webmaster,

    My account has been hacked. This person passed himself as a potential date sent me to a link and stole my password. I need my password reset. My user name is tmed473. I had to reformat my computer in order to rid of the Trojan Zeus he planted in my machine.

  4. The same thing has happened to me today and I have had no luck speaking to someone. I did find a cutomer service number and I left a message. The number is 604-692-2542. Has anyone from POF gotten back with you to help you?

  5. My uploading has been revoked?? I’ve been sabotaged? i was having a great pg rated convo with my future wife! dang it!

  6. My pof profile was hacked and he changed my password so I could not get in.I created another account with a different user name and password. Ive had ladies contacting me about this sstuffbag. We have all reported him to pof through the site but with no response from them. Hes still using my old profile. TERRIBLE customer service

  7. Please help me! Somebody is using my account. I cannot login my email anymore.

    After some email where I entered my login info to the POF page,I tried to login …now it says that my email address does not exist in the system.

    What should I do???

  8. i made many good friends on here few years ago it will not let me sing in i have not be rude or up set any one just told about some i no was under age and i been block from useing this site for doing the right thing i would hope you would re join me has i was help you out stoping young lady age 14 from useing this site i did tell her mother and dad and drink with the day by letting him no what is kid was up to

  9. Hi, I was on your site a few years ago. My profile is still on there but I need to deactivate. The problem I have is that I’ve lost my email and password. It has been over three years since I’ve been on. I have a boyfriend therefore the account needs deactivating as it’s not very nice and unfair to him to still have a profile on there even if I don’t use it. I need some assistance if somebody can please get back to me.

  10. Please I beg of you to please get in contact with me ASAP! Someone has created a profile in your site with my pictures, phone number, and home address. I need to please have this removed. I have been receiving numerous calls from people on your site because my personal number was posted along with my home address. I have gone to the police and they are now investigating this matter. It would be helpful if you can get in contact with me In regards to this matter.

  11. i cannot log onto the pof site..can someone from the pof staff please advise me..have i been dleted..and if so..why.

  12. I can not send or receive messages what has happened. I need customer service or a tech support but can’t find it anywhere.

  13. There are a lot of racist people in the world and a lot of them are on your ” Dating Site”. Their profile should be deleted as well as a perverted man or woman. Its very offensive!

  14. I tried joining POF, but the captcha doesn’t work. I probably tried ten or twelve times. It can’t read the captcha although I was careful in typing it.

  15. left my profile logged on, friends decided to be funny, I apologize. been with this site quite awhile and was enjoying it thoroughly. Please lift my upload ban so i may have a profile pic again.

  16. This just happened to me. WTH?! it says my account exists but, I can’t log in and it says my email isn’t in the system. I can’t figure out how to contact them to fix it. Super annoying!

  17. I will no longer use your site. I went on originally about 6 years ago and gave up after two or three and hid my profile. I recently went back on. Here’s what really makes me angry, you have profiles of men in my age group that are still on there, seriously I doubt these people are still on this site. I think these are fakes, I am not happy with what I see and I am sick of the same ol lame old people on this site. You have nothing to offer. Sorry not worth bothering with anymore.

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