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  1. I’ve been trying to get on the Portrcable website to register my new tools and have not been able since November 30. It says to register within 10 days, times running out.

  2. The worst customer service there has to be. The worst warranty there has to be. My power tools are less than 7 months old already have problems and one has been in the shop for 4 weeks with know sign of getting it back. You have to leave a battery and charger so the rest of the tools are also useless for the time. Thank you porter cable for your quality products and service.

    1. I just needed a simple question to do a job today. The idea of email as customer service does not work and these idiots prove it. Ask a question today and get a reply 24 hours. If the question is not answered, respond and wait another 24 hours. And on and on. I guess it is their desire to get people to buy their merchandise and never expect service. A person with only 2 interlocking brain cells knows email is not good way to serve the customers.

  3. I have been trying to get on the Porter-cable website for 2 days and have had no success. I am interested in purchasing an dovetail jig but can’t get info.

  4. I bought a Porter Cable driver (plc 12oIdID) it think it was less than a year old. It stop working and I tried to return it to Lowes but was told to send it to an service center which I did. After several months they said it was repaired but

    the cost was $110.41. I think this was more then I paid for it. So much for a warranty. Over the years I have had many Porter Cable products for my small business. But no more.

  5. Bought a planer today. Out of the box it does not work correctly. Obviously I could not get help from Lowes as they made the sale and now it is my problem. The first 2 inches of ANY board I send through are cut lower than the rest of the piece. This is the same on both ends of the board. This ought to be an easy adjustment, but…..

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