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The history of the United States Post Office is rooted in a single, great principle: that every person in the United States ? no matter who, no matter where ? has the right to equal access to secure, efficient, and affordable mail and postal service.

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  1. This is nothing new…my packages and mail goes to 3 other address that are on different streets but have the same numbers in the address. Everyone of the carriers are incompetent I guess

  2. THe Post Master Tom at the East Moriches office is the WORSE. HE lack of people skills and the job he has just don’t coincide. HE was rude and nasty. Send a secret shopper in there and you will see for yourself,don’t ask to many questions because he isn’t big on answering them. No wonder they are cutting back he should be one to go first.

  3. Yeppers, they need to delete this company (USPS)- They lost my International shipment, so I filed a claim (Ha, Ha)

    Can’t get through on the phone, been on hold for over 1 hour- If this had been a private company they would have

    gone under a long time ago….

  4. When will the US Postal Service wake up and realize that their general customer service is one of the worst in the nation? It is impossible to get a live individual on the phone regardless of the site or phone number you use. I even tried to get the phone number for our local PO in Lecanto, FL and couldn’t do that. There is only one way to describe the service by USPS and that is it STINKS!

  5. This is concerning the post office in Hernando, MS on Commerce. There is always a line there because there is only 1 person working at the counter at all times. This is a high volume office. I always expect a long wait every time I go in there. Lunch hours are particularly annoying because that is when everyone is able to go. Also, they are only open until 4:30 pm instead of 5:30 like the one in Southaven, MS.

    I would like to request they stay open until 5:30 so that the people that can’t get there on their lunch hour can come after work. I would also like to request that another clerk be added so that the lines aren’t so long.

    Thank you.

  6. The Raritan New Jersey Post Office is the post office from Hell. They continually deliver the mail to the wrong address and the just don’t care. Mail that should have been delivered to me – paychecks, IRS notices, legal dostuffents, business correspondence, have all be delivered to the neighbor’s house over the course of months. You call and they never call back. You complain and it just keeps happening. They are the typical government employees who are completed losers and act like 12-year-olds that are being made to do their homework.

  7. February, 26th I made an inquiry at the Post Office located on 93rd South Chicago regarding a missing package. I learned after tracking the package, that the item had been marked undeliverable February 11th due to incorrect address. I encountered a supervisor who was extra courtesy to the customer ahead of me, but very unfriendly and unwilling to assist me.

    I asked the supervisor why I had not received the same courteous greeting she had given to the customer before me and she said that customer deserved special treatment because of what she had gone through, whatever that meant. I was under the understanding that every customer should be treated with courtesy and respect.

    Nevertheless, I explained to her that a package which should have been delivered to my P.O. Box two weeks earlier had been marked undeliverable, February 11th due to an incorrect address, but that the address was correct.

    Instead of looking into the matter, the supervisor said she could not assist me without a tracking#. I returned with the tracking#. The supervisor took the number, went into the rear and returned 10-15 minutes later with the package. She explained that it had been sitting on a shelf. She said someone had failed to put a package notification slip in my box; but how could a package addressed to a P.O. Box at that very location sit on a shelf for two weeks marked undeliverable due to incorrect address, without being noticed by an employee? Why had an undeliverable package not been returned to its sender?

    Let’s fast forward to March 25, 2015. When I visited the Post Office that day there was a notice in my P.O. Box informing me that a certified letter, delivered March 21st, was available for picked-up. However, when I attempted to do so I was told that the letter was nowhere in the Post Office to be found. After an unsuccessful search I was informed by the supervisor, that my certified letter could not be found, and if they found it later they would call me or place it in my P.O. Box. If they find it? This is twice in less than two months that my mail has been misplaced.

    I’m a disabled Veteran, 90%, and a senior. I receive supplements and medicine in the mail; such was the case with my package. I cannot afford situations like these. I regret that I paid $99 for a year of P.O. Box service at this location.

    And so my complaint is not just in regards to the prompt delivery of my mail, but also to quality customer service, or the lack thereof.

  8. USPS notified of new mailing address April 2015. As of September 16, 2015 have received NO mail, not first class, not bills, not magazines, not packages, not junk mail. Three trips to local post office gave me the information that my mail goes to a contracts service, and it is not known where it goes after that. Who is this contract service and why is this action allowed by the post office?

  9. Mike at the Roosevelt Island Post Office shouted at me and physically pushed me, an 80-year old lady who had a recent stroke. I tried to enter the post office exactly 2-3 minutes after 5pm on tax day, April 15. Some minutes later, Danny, one member of the otherwise wonderful staff, escorted me in knowing that it was tax day; knowing that I would never attempt to enter late on any other day of the year! In the meantime, Mike continued to shout in a very loud angry voice at me and Danny. Danny tried to calm Mike, but without success. As a psychologist, I firmly believe that Mike needs to attend classes in anger control. I gave Mike several occasions to apologize. He refused and then lied .. “you were 15 minutes late.” Not true.

  10. I faxed a Subpoena from the Court to the Post Office in Atlanta Georgia to the attention of the Manager, requesting information about the person who purchased a P.O. Box at this Post Office.

    The Subpoena requested: 1. A person’s real address. 2. The purchase date of the P.O. Box.

    The Manager whipped out from the Subpoena the second request and answered only the first request. She wrote the address of the person on the bottom of the same Subpoena and stamped it. She even did not sign it. I called again and asked for a separate page with a Post Office logo on it and the information on both requests of the Subpoena. The Manager told me that she gave that she is allowed to give and she told that she is not allowed to answer on the separate page with a Post Office logo and not allowed to disclose the date of the purchase of the P.O. Box. Please answer if Post Office has such rules.

  11. Description The history of the United States Post Office is rooted in a single, great principle:

    that every person in the United States ? no matter who, no matter where ? has the right to equal access to secure, efficient, and affordable mail and postal service. – See more at: This discription is a lie. I recently sold my house in Montrose CO. About 3 weeks be fore I moved I visited the main Post Office in Durango CO and requested a PO Box and let them know I would be moving to or near Durango. They would not issue me a PO Box at this time and said I need to have my mail sent to General Delivery in Durango. So I did this. Last week I revisited the Durango PO since now I am living in Durango and ask for my General Delivery mail. The first thing the PO employ did was start complaining to me about getting General Delivery mail. I simply ask how all this worked and told them I would like PO Box. This person got all huffy and went to get the Post Master. Once again the PO Master started complaining about General Delivery and how he was going to do away with General Delivery by giving a 30 day notice starting in August 2015. I once again requested a PO Box. He explained that since I do not have a permanent address they would not issue me a PO Box? I explained I have rented a house and stated they need proof. OK I left again. Yesterday 7/21/2015 I visited the PO Office & ask for my General Delivery mail and requested a PO Box and presented the paper work stating I have a temporary address. The employ kept stating she did not think they could take this paper work. I ask to speak to the Post Master. The employ left and was gone between 3 and 5 minutes. The employ said The PO Master had left for lunch. Excuse me its 1000am in the morning? I ask this employ where she had been for the last 5 minutes? These people are rude and unable to explain what is needed to get a PO Box.

  12. April 15, 2014 5:32pm

    MIKE at the Roosevelt Island Post Office physically shoved me,an 80-year old lady who had a recent stroke. He refused to let me in the post office when I was there only 2-3 minutes after 5pm on TAX DAY! Using a civil tone, I asked for this favor, but instead he shouted in a nasty tone, saying that the staff needs to go home. There were 2 people in the post office at the time. When I tried to enter, he pushed me. I nearly fell backward. In the struggle I peed in my pants. Upon reaching home, my daughter took my blood pressure. It was extremely high with a blood pressure reading of 165/82.

    Granted I was 2-3 minutes late but he had no right to accuse me of lying around all day .. doing nothing .. just because I was an old woman. As it happens, I spent the full day at the Board Meeting of my Haitian orphanage. My taxes were only delivered to me by FedEx late that afternoon. I rushed home, opened the tax envelope and discovered an error. I then called my accountant at 4:35pm. He corrected it and e-mailed me the corrected page. I rushed to the post office and was only a few minutes late. He knew it was tax day. He knew I was an elderly lady. The other members of the staff were lovely. When someone opened the door for me, he shouted at me and the staff like a crazy man. If nothing else, I think he should take classes in anger management. Before writing this note, I asked him to apology. He refused. I would not have written this note if he had apologized.

  13. it is very unfortunate that the technology that is supposed to facilitate a communication and improve productivity being misused. Case in point – Gone are the individual post office access numbers and they are centralized a useless toll free number for the so-called “customer service”. You will be lucky to get somebody within a reasonable wait time. then after all than create a case number and you will not get anywhere. At issue is that I can not locate my certified mail article which did not arrive to receiver after 2 weeks – the receiver is in the same zip code. Yet, the added zip code is 22224 and not my original one of 20024! Sad to pay for a service and end up with a big headache. Go ahead and try to complain or just walk to the nearest branch and you will get the most bizarre explanation as to the reason why the certified mail did not arrive yet. By the way – should you do the smart thing by going online to track your item – it says “Notice left-business closed” – mind you this a DC Gov. office. Yes, I do understand that it was a Saturday (March first); but what happened with the 2nd and third attempt? I have wasted lots of time trying to do something that I already paid the Post Office to do! No wonder that the US Postal service is doomed to be failure if it does not perform as expected to do. Oh – before I close my comment, I tried calling the SW branch manager on half street and the number that I was given keeps giving me a “busy tone” for close to 20 hours after my initial visit.

  14. Hello,

    I had a bad experience at the Gurnee Post Office, on O’Plaine Rd. Around 9:30a on Saturday 5th, I had a rep to throw my package in a bin. I’m not sure of her name. I was returning a package to the sender which, was serveral sunglasses. I told the rep that I hope that my sunglasses did not brake because, of the way she thew my package in the bin. She act like she did not want to wait on me anyway. She was a mexican lady,that was very rude.

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