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  1. Please cancel my subscription. It comes out of my account around the 14th. I would like to have this taken card of as soon as possible so I will not be charged in February. Thank you. Florence Collado

  2. I have had ppl for more than 14 years. At first they were wonderful. I found out what it costs to truly bury someone in Michigan and all the burial and funeral laws. I got several “bad”customer service letters written for me to various companies. I had my legal papers looked over before signing things. I’ve had several issues I have used them for. I have also had bad attorneys, who I wanted to wring their necks for their severely bad attitudes. But we cancelled because we left Michigan and was laid off. Now we are back , got ppl back and moved just over the Michigan line into Ohio and changed the ppl to Ohio. These attorneys here are worthless and lazy and don’t want to do anything for you. They spend more effort trying to get out of doing anything for you and so talking to them is like a struggle. Why have it? I was promised customer service letters written for me when I signed up at a huge ppl meeting in Ohio years ago but I lived in Michigan and got ppl for Michigan all them years. I’m ready to cancel the stinking service. I went to court for a speeding ticket that I never should have gotten. I was not speeding, it was a motorcycle that blew past me who was speeding. The ppl attorney wanted me to pay a reduced fee and I was appalled by this and completely refused so they kept me there the entire day to get it dismissed because the officer didn’t show up. What did I need ppl for? I could have done that myself. And they charge too much money to use them in court. You can get any attorney for what they charge plus paying 17.00 a month. I say put the 17.00 a month away for the future event that you may need an attorney. Why give it to them? You can go to the law library to get the info you need about laws instead of paying 17.00 a month. I just talked myself into canceling this ridiculous service that gives you a headache from arguing with lazy people that call themselves attorneys. Anybody can be their own attorneys if they find out the laws from the law library. Like the landlord tenant laws. Are the attorneys going to tell you what they are? No! To know them just go get the book and read it. It’s fairly simple reading. Look up the words you don’t know and you will get it. You cannot take the books out of the library though. You have to read them there. Or take copies or pictures of it. Sincerely, Joyce ps. I went broke paying for leads trying to sell prepaid legal to people. And now I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.

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