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  1. I want to cancel any new subscriptions to Prevention magazine now 8/14/2018. You have no right to renew my past subscription like you sent me.I will never renew Prevention again because of your illegal. tactics. Viola

  2. I purchased a one year subscription with the understanding I would receive 12 free health reports. As with the trouble I had finding a website to pay my bill (and I had to call the 1-800 number). I now have the same difficulty getting the 12 free health reports. Your website addresses do not exist – at least not where I can access them. Please help

  3. I ordered the Prevention Easy Yoga DVD. The first one did not work. You sent me a replacement. It does not work either. Please issue a refund. Thank you.

  4. I have been a customer for more than 35 or 40 years. I think I am right, anyway for a very long time. You have gone from $24.00 to $48.00 a year. That is too much at one time. I am retired and I can’t afford that price plus all the other subscriptions that I have. The lady that I talk to at your customer service couldn’t seem to help me. I hope you will reconsider your price.

  5. PLEASE PLEASE cancel my account. I’ve tried several times and you just ignore me. I do not wish to continue to receive the magazine. I’m not going to pay. Please save yourselves some money and quit sending these statements.

  6. I have ben returning your magazine, why are you still sending them? In your ad you promised a book of healing which you did not send–hence the return of the magazines–Do not bill me–I have sent letters to you to no avail–what is wrong with you unscrupulous people????????????vilma

  7. I have subscribed to your magazine for many years and enjoy reading it. Recently I renewed my subscription and then I received and offer for a trial issue with 12 bonus gifts. I realize you are trying to get new subsriptions but what about your loyal readers? Shouldn’t they get a chance at the bonus issues? Why should we be left out in the cold? OR is teh information in these issues already in the magazines we have received?

  8. I tried to get you multiple times today to cancel my subscription. I guess you didn’t want the bad news.

    Any more I get will be thorn away.

    Margaret Brice


  9. I am sorry l for some reason didn’t know I ordered your books. I just called and cancel. But I want to know. What l owe you for books received.l just got a bill that said I was pass due.. So sorry l didn’t know I ordered is the acct # 1874746090 Judy Nepolis

  10. I keep receiving incoices for payment due when my subscription does not expire until 2016. what is up with that?? No more money for Prevention . Let it expire!!

  11. I want you to cancell prevention mag. This is my notice: acct number. 1719852970. There will be no more magazines accepted. My subscription lapsed with the LAst magazine received. All future will be returned with notice of non acceptance.

    From all the problems with so many people and subscription cancellations, think you need a change of business philosophy.

    We will be writing cancelled on your statement, making a copy of same. Notifying you by us mail.

    I tried to cancel on line with no completion without a cancellation fee: I could use bad language, but am a gentle man. Wish you were too.

  12. never contended with such scamers ,no one ever answer to cancell mag ,always busy ,or hang ups ,or wrong numbers ,have called 6 diferent numbers ,got no where .great scam you people have going. oh yes ,i’m sure your going to sell my e-mail address to someone

  13. I cancelled my subscription on 2/10/2014 when I found I was not getting what was advertised. I am still receiving magazines and I am leaving unopened. Why was not my subscription cancelled. I did this by phone and kept record of call.

  14. Having problems cancelling your subscription? After receiving my first order I wrote cancelled on the bill. I received another one I wrote cancel and sent it back. The third book I got on their website called the number 1-800-813-8070 and talked to a real person to cancel. I was unhappy with the thickness or lack of and didn’t feel it was worth the money.


  15. 10-12-16 Your customer service rep was not helpful at all. I wanted to know why I was not getting my Prevention sub. The rep told me that I did not renew my sub. I thought that I had. I can not find the check register. He told me to check with my bank. They never received the check. I asked him why they did not let me know that the sub. had expired. He said that they do not. I told him to cancel the sub. and I would by the Prevention at the store. He never offered to do any thing for me. I have been a local customer for over 30 years. I guess that your loyal customer’s do not matter to this company. After reading some of the comments I can understand the issue. Please do not send me any mail.

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