Progress Energy Carolinas

Progress Energy is a electric utility company serving the Carolinas. Use the number 1-800-452-2777 for customer service. To Report a power outage call: (800) 419-6356

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2 Replies to “Progress Energy Carolinas”

  1. I call on 2/23/18 to get services turned on in my name at my new home. They proceeded to tell me that I must pay a 2 months deposit on the account. I was previously with Duke Energy in Greensboro, NC. I was not charged a deposit with them, and I was never late paying my bill. In addition to that, my credit score has gone up further while living in Greensboro! It it not only unacceptable, but corporate robbery.

  2. I have had 4 accounts with Progress Energy for over 15 years with a good standing of e-pay on each acct. I recently had one of my renters to move and request the power be returned to my name – which has been done on 4 other occasions. This time I was charged a $542 deposit in order to reconnect. This has been a very upsetting deal for me since I have never had to pay a deposit before. My credit with Progress Energy has always been up to date. This is nothing but a rip off.

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