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The PS4 is Sony’s newest version of the Playstation gaming platform.

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  1. I have a PS4 but no HD TV.I have a Portta brand HDMI Converter box & the HDMI cable that came with the PS4.What is the name of the double ended cable I need to hook up to the red,yellow & white ports to the tv & the same colored ports to the HDMI called?Thats the only thing I need to be able to play my PS4.Is it called an RCA To HDMI Male Cable?

  2. I am total craped off to the maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!! Brand new ps4 & it’s connected to my wi-fi & we can not get online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is going on???????? I even called my internet provider, & they said it’s connected to my wi-fi & they added the port numbers!!! I purchased a ps4 plus card & can not even use it!!!

  3. I am having the exact same problem I called the support number and it says they are only open Monday through Friday. I am beyond craped at this point my son is just sitting here like help mom. Sony is just about to make me turn to xbox instead. If I find any answers I will post.

  4. I know this is late but had this problem recently and saw no answers so you know for the future just continue to hold the power button for a long time. It will eventually beep and turn off the PS4 at which point you can safely turn it back on. Never unplug the PS4 while it is in safemode. Your problem probably occurred from starting a game in download and then placing the PS4 in safemode.

  5. My son had the same thing last night. However, he thought he was speaking with Sony. When I showed him the URL address under the BOLD SONY Playstion heading, it was Click4support URL not Sony Playstation website. That’s probably what happened to you. I questioned the ‘tech manager’ several times. I had Webroot to protect my computer. He told us going to an outside tech support would not help us because it was a “network” problem that could not be fixed by going to an outside services. SCAM!!!!!!!! He would draw on my computer with his electronic marker, show me how there were 40K errors on my computer and that though it was protected from viruses, it was not protected from people accessing our wireless network. They put pressure on you, pull up all kinds of things, move quickly and are VERY GOOD AT DECEIVING PEOPLE. I’ve used Dell before and was suspicious. What really prompted me was when he pulled up ‘notepad’ and wanted me to put in my personal information. I was hesitant so he pulled up their website for me to enter it. Though he couldn’t see the password I was giving, it came to my credit card information that he could see and I drew the line. I told him I had used Dell before and wanted a second opinion. I had paid Dell $300 which covered fixing my (or any other household) computer 3 times in 1 year. This guy wanted $300 for 60-90 minutes which there was no guarantee how long he’d keep me on the phone. Once I said “Dell” he immediately closed everything he had opened (but not what the 1 tech had opened so I have that to screenshot) and he rudely said “I won’t waist any more of your time or waste my time” and hung up on me. I immediately contacted Dell and they said there were scans going around about ‘errors’ on computer systems telling people they have viruses. He said the errors are not a virus and to be careful of these scans. He told me to call Sony Playstation and if they couldn’t help me to call them back. I thanked Dell for their honesty—-he could have taken my money too but he didn’t. It was a valuable lesson to my son and I hope this helps you and others. Turns out my son had trouble renewing the annual account because he didn’t have money in thePlaystation ” account wallet”. Once we put the money in the wallet, he had no trouble renewing the account. Click4support told him it bounced back because ‘the network was not secure so it wouldn’t take our card and Playstation had that set for our security’. Click4support is 100% SCAM ARTIST and they are excellent at it. Check out the Better Business Bureau and you’ll find them rated “D” and looks like they have a 2nd location now that is rated “F”. I suggest you file a claim with the Better Business Bureau to help get your money back. Best of Luck and tell everyone you can about their scam!

  6. I do have the same problem. I cannot turn on my PS4 but the beep sound is out when I push one of the button. Any one can help? Please let me know how to fix this problem. Thanks. Alvi

  7. I recently paid $59.99 to renew my sons yearly subscription for his PS4. You deducted this from my bank two times, i would please like one of the fees refunded to my bank account asap.

  8. the new call of duty black ops 3 sucks cause u can’t go on anything until 24 hrs after u buy it, so my advice don’t buy it until it’s out at least 24 hrs

  9. how do you inlarge the screen I moved it to my moms but what I don’t understand is her TV the same size as mine but now I can’t see almost half the picture

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