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1-800-227-4500 Press 3; at prompt press 2; hold through message.


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11/8/2013 Qantas - First time I got a Quantas ticket - and the LAST
First time I got a Quantas ticket - and the LAST time.
Your customer service - is non-existent.
I have been on hold for over half an hour three times now with no one EVER answering the phones.
I am going to suggest to AA that they dump Quantas - you are HORRIBLE!

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I searched for hours trying to find a telephone number for Los Angeles. It would be so helpful if you made the numbers for telephone contact more prominent.

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11/23/2012 can not find a e mail address for qantas at heathrow for lost and found
i have been going round in circles trying to find my camera that i left on a flight intoheathrow from singapore on 7 11 2012 but to no avail

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9/18/2012 Qantas - I need your Perth office telephone number
I need your Perth office telephone number urgently.

Jimmy Ng Read More
5/9/2012 Qantas - Please tell me where I can cancel a flight from
Please tell me where I can cancel a flight from Edinburgh to London I made the booking by phone from New Zealand and I'm in Bergamo fro next two months thank you

Margaret Read More
3/21/2012 I'm trying to booking a flight on qantas
I'm trying to booking a flight on qantas website,but till review,then just tell u "we could not find fare for the requested itinerary"
Then this 3 days I try again and again to booking,no fix and I call service number 131313 no one answer !
Why? I just want booking a flight?
What's problem with qantas?

Felicia Read More
3/9/2012 Qantas - I'm waiting on the phone for 45 minutes and no
I'm waiting on the phone for 45 minutes and no answer and I have an emergency situation. Remind me mot to rely on Quantas

richard marks Read More
2/13/2012 RE: Qantas Flight QFO81 Departure 1525 from

RE: Qantas Flight QFO81 Departure 1525 from Adelaide airport.
I am writing this letter in regards to express my disappointment in your business operation.
We had booked a flight to Singapore from Adelaide six months in advance and requested that our family of four be upgraded to business class using my frequent flyer points.
We phoned the day before our flight to enquire about the ‘business class seats’ for my family of ‘four’. The operator said ‘no information at this present time.’ Therefore, I phoned the day of the flight at 1100 to see if we had been upgraded to business class for our 1525 flight to Singapore from Adelaide. There was still no information on the subject. They indicated to us that we should ask the check-in staff when we checked in our baggage.
We checked-in at 12:20pm; the check-in staff told us we were first in line to be upgraded to business class seating, but still had little to no information about this issue. We were then told to ask at the boarding gate of the flight. We arrived to the boarding gate an hour and a half before the flight was scheduled to depart, so that we gave the Qantas staff ample time to check and notify us of the sitting requirements. At this present time, a whole hour and a half before the flight was departing they still had no information and didn’t seem to be trying to find a solution or enquire into this problem. Half an hour later after us patiently waiting the staff told us that three seats were available, and they were looking into the fourth and final seat we needed. Shortly after this statement; a couple went to the same staff member and asked if they could be upgraded to business class. This couple waited five minutes and then was given two business class tickets; free of charge with no hassle. I heard this as I was still waiting to be informed about our fourth seat. I then confronted her about this, and she couldn’t explain her actions and still indicated that there were only three business class seats available on the flight. I asked “how did they get two business class tickets when you only had three available in the first place and we were first on the list and have been waiting patiently to be notified?" “How can there be three seats still in business class, if you stated that you only had three and was working on getting us the fourth seat, how can you give two seats to them and still have three seats and why wasn’t one of those seats ours?" which was a very simple and reasonable question. The staff member had no reply to that and simply gave us the indication that she didn’t care and had no interest in the matter, even thought we are using my frequent flyer points to upgrade, have been waiting here for direction and had been told by numerous Qantas staff members that we will be the first to be upgraded as were first on the waiting list.
The staff member then said “someone else from down stairs will come and fix this issue" she simply walked away and had no intention of fixing this issue herself.
The flight had then begun to board its business class passengers, small children and people with physical disabilities. We asked someone else about our upgrade, as we had been waiting for the person from down-stairs to aid in the issue. She told us three seats were still available and they were still looking for a fourth.
We then saw that economy was boarding the plane and we still had no resolution to the business class seats. “We will just have our economy seats that we booked" I said. She replied that our seats that had been booked were given away even though we had no other seats to our name and they didn’t inform us of this .Then she stated that they still had the three in business class which meant one of us wouldn’t have a seat on the plane now! She said there is no way to get your seats that you booked back now as we have given them away; without our consent. I then was shocked and appalled by the business techniques shown and used, I suggested that my children then get two seats TOGETHER in economy class, which is what we had booked prior. We then had to wait while everyone had boarded until they tried to resolve this problem they had caused. They moved one person from economy so that my children could be seated together while we were still waiting to board the plane. Now, we had two together in economy and two in business which were NOT together. That’s all they had and said that’s all we can give you now, so we had to board the plane. We missed out on all of the perks of business class, such as boarding first, the treatment and most of all being comfortable and relaxed.
However, we had no tickets/ boarding passes now so how could we possibly be able to board the plane. This is a major safety issue to the flyers of Qantas, which is said to be your number one concern. We were then rushed onto the plane just before they closed the doors, we were stressed and worried about our children and if they were seated at least together. We were pointed to our single seats on separate sides of the plane and asked to sit down.
We got told by Qantas staff members that we should be told 24 hours before the flight if we are able to be upgraded which is why I phoned the day before the flight. I was then told it was 12 hours. Then 6 hours and this slowly worked down to being told while we are boarding the plane which is not acceptable. If people have to book their seats online before the flight Qantas staff members will know if seats are available or not prior to the flight leaving.
I am requesting that 4 free tickets in a business class international flight of my choice be given to us or A FULL refund of my frequent flyer points be given back to me for the unwanted stress and the initial excitement that we all had prior to arriving at the airport being taken away from us with the uncertainty of us boarding the flight. Then being rushed on last when the flight had nearly closed when we personally pride ourselves in always being on time.
Furthermore, as you, Qantas state, seats need to be booked 24 hours before the flight to finalise seating arrangements. In Singapore we tried on our personal computer to book our return seats and we were not successful and thought it may be the contention of our personal computer. Thinking this problem was on our end, we went down to the hotel foyer concierge and he personally used his own computer to try to book our seats for the flight back to Adelaide at 2125. He tried many times in vain. He then phoned Qantas headquarters for us to find out what was happening. He was told that the server for the online check-in was down and not accessible, staff were working on it. I asked if he could possibly book the seats for us which he was unable to do as your main server was down. This person on the phone said try to book the seats in the morning as your server, Qantas server WILL be working then; he assured me of this. We tried in the morning at 0700 and all the seats were taken!
When we arrived at the airport the check-in staff couldn’t help us in any way shape or form. We wanted two and two (window seats) and she seemed not efficient enough to aid us in this operation/ request. Even though this problem was yours and nothing was done to help us! We arrived at the Singapore Changi Airport at 1720 which is a massive 4 hours before our flight was due to depart so this problem was caused by you. So we were given seats towards the back were all the young children were seated. In addition, these seats were not by the window (two and two) which we would have booked if your server was working/ operational. We had to sit in the middle which was a row of four.
When we got to our seats we placed our hand luggage in the over head compartments of our row and had a bag with fragile items within it, we placed a sticker saying fragile on this bag so that Qantas staff would ‘handle with care.’ The Qantas staff DID NOT handle this bag with care! A gentlemen two rows behind us on a window seat needed more room as his hand luggage was very over sized even though Qantas is said to have a strict size and weight restriction on hand luggage. We closed our over head compartment as it was full of ours and others luggage. This compartment also had our bag with the fragile sticker clearly showing and evident. The stewardess then opened the over head compartment and saw that it was full but still had no regards towards the bags of ours and the others and even the bag with the fragile sticker showing. I told her that there were breakable items in this bag and no more room in the locker and she still tried to get the man’s over sized luggage in our locker; this man personally had 3 carry on items which Qantas does not allow!!
She continued to force the luggage in this compartment as it was the only one nearest to the man as he had already taken up two compartments with his hand luggage. She then tried to shove his over sized luggage on the bag with the fragile sticker. We told her it clearly wouldn’t fit and that is the bag with breakable items in it and she could have placed his bag in the compartments over the other side that wasn’t even in use and she said I want to keep his bags near him even though it is an inconvenience to us and the others that have luggage in this over head compartment. The bag she shoved and forced in did not fit anyway and our fragile bag had been disrupted in this overall process.
We paid extra money to fly with Qantas as we our proud Australians and Qantas says it has the Australian spirit which is clearly not evident in your conduction of business. We have flown with many other Airlines as we travel yearly and worldly and have never received such treatment. We will fly other Airlines from now on, they are cheaper, better service, well organised, their online booking servers are always accessible all over the world, they try to aid in problems and fix problems caused by their company no matter how big or small and are overall just a better business structure and care about each and every customer.

Frequent flyer points-
I booked the tickets for these flights under my own frequent flyer, and they were given to my daughter somehow. Yet another mistake on your behalf. I asked that this could be fixed before the flight and they still have not fixed this. I have phoned many times to fix this matter and it is still ongoing. It is under my daughter’s frequent flyers number and I WANT them in mine as it was booked and organised to be this way, yet ANOTHER stuff up on your behalf.
Not a happy traveller.

Anthony Read More
1/27/2011 Qantas - Delete google search. 10/30/2009 comment by
Delete google search. 10/30/2009 comment by member.

dama Read More
1/27/2011 Qantas - On 1/5/11, I flew from Perth to Sydney to catch a
On 1/5/11, I flew from Perth to Sydney to catch a flight to L.A. As it was an early morning flight (it departed @ 5:45 AM), breakfast was served. The guy across the aisle form me after b'fast started chewing tobacco and started spitting into a plastic cup every few seconds. It was uttterly disgusting. I travel a lot but have never experienced such disgusting behaviro by a passenger. Qantas, please announce that, aside from a no-smoking policy, there is also a no-chewing tobacco prohibition. Thank you!

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1/18/2011 Qantas - I have been disgusted by our contacts with your
I have been disgusted by our contacts with your booking office. Starting in mid December we tried to book from Philadelphia to Auckland, then to Perth, then to Philadelphia via London.
My wife needs to travel business class because of back problems.
Everything went well but we could not get business class from Singapore to London. Despite being told by "lewis" in the LA office that there were 20 seats available, we were put on "standby". Since this occurred 2 weeks ago we saw gross mismanagement.
You should know about our unhappiness. Malcolm Watts

Malcolm Read More
1/17/2011 Qantas latest trick for Canadian (ex??)-clients is
Qantas latest trick for Canadian (ex??)-clients is to NOT process their credit card booking until it is too late; and then demand that the amount be processed in US dollars. Qantas you are just a bit much. This is the 3rd time - I didn't realize what was happening the first few times you did this, but I'm awake up now. Too bad about the frequent flyer points or the discounted airfares, sometimes we just want to know we have a seat on a plane. If it is customer loyalty you are after, you're on the wrong tack. If you're after profits, maybe you need better management? Time wasted (yours and mine) + pissed off customer = no repeat business, ego drop in profit.

I have resorted to refusing to get off this telephone line until they process my payment - it's taken 17 minutes so far to find a supervisor who is willing to "take my call". I'd have thought it would be more efficient and cheaper for Qantas to just process the credit card payment?

Catherine Read More
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