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Qatar Airways USA Phone Number



Qatar Airways USA Corporate Office Headquarters
1430 K Street NW 1st Floor
Washington, DC 20005
Corporate Fax: 1-202-347-9324
Email: [email protected]

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1-877-777-2827 Review and Hint Needed


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10/6/2015 Qatar Airways USA - I did show up at airport 2 hours and 11minutes
I did show up at airport 2 hours and 11minutes before the departure time, I was there at 12:34pm in airport at departure guichet 5 and 6

This is my first ticket number :157234835034-44 on line Qatar Airways to transit in Morocco after I missed my flight Casablanca to Doha.

The 2nd ticket number:15723446105842 by over the phone Qatar Airways I was present at guichet 5 and 6 closed 2 hours 11 minutes before the departure time 2:35pm local time.

Never see the guichet closed 2 hours before the departure time please help me to have my money back ,I'm already in USA I left Casablanca same day by Royal Air Maroc to Canada and to be in U S by Bus Greyhound to New York and I rented Car from New York to Maryland because I don't want lose my job after 4 weeks vacations accepted per my 2 jobs. .

Mohamed Read More
2/19/2014 Qatar Airways USA - Qatar Airways sucks, I sent an e-mail about a
Qatar Airways sucks, I sent an e-mail about a month ago and they did not reply yet because they are so stupid and called Baddoos. I want to hear from a responsible person who is able to make a decision otherwise I will e-mail this kind pf e-mails every once in awhile because they stole my $ 1600.00 and did not return my money even though it was their fault or their flight partner's fault. please make a contact with me or you will get my e-mails until I get a response.

Haider Read More
2/6/2014 Qatar Airways USA staff was nasty to us from AMD to DOHA
My daughter and I have traveled on 01/06/14 from IAD to DOHA and from DOHA to AMD Going we had no problems but comeing back from AMD to DOHA we had so much problems with the services from AMD, your staff was so nisty that I would not want to fly with your air line for my next travel. My daughter was so sick at the time of chicking and waitting for so long in line for your staff to check us in. Please call me at I would like for someone to call me from airline. Thank you in advance.

Nicki Patel Read More
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