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Digital Peripheral Solutions Inc. (DPSI) QSEE
Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
8015 E. Crystal Drive
Anaheim CA 92807 USA

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  1. “Hello, I bought the Qsee camera system, model # Qd6505p, I purchased this product online from Sams club. I ordered it on 3/19/14. The pan tilt camera doesn`t work, everything else is up and running. How do I go about getting it replaced.

    I know the problem is with the camera, because I bought the same system a year ago for another building, I did`t use the pan tilt camera their, so I brought it here and plugged it in and it works. Ken”

  2. I have the q see system and here in Tampa it got down in the 30s the night before last, and when I got home and put the T.V. on that I have for the cameras 3 of the 4 said video loss. Does the cold affect the cameras?

  3. I have the dvr model QT5516 for a few years and I don’t have any complains whatsoever. I think it is great unit.

    Two days ago I called the Q-SEE technical support because I was having problems with network settings on the dvr and router. I was very please with the support I received from this department. especially from a technician by the name of Matthew Williamson and his supervisor Alistair, very knowledgeable, professional and polite. It didn’t take Mr. Williamson no more than fifteen minutes to correct the problem from a far away country just by taking control of my computer.

    Thanks Q-SEE & Mr. Williamson and Mr. Alistair.



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