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  1. Thank you for reporting your experience w/ QB on-line. I also was on the phone for 4 (that is not an exaggeration)

    They are still charging me monthly for an on-line version my browser and Mac ( 2007) can not support or download! I have tried by email and survey and phone calls.

    I will not obviously give up as they are withdrawing money from my bank each month.

    I will send a copy of all these complaints and my own formal complaint letter to their corporate headquarters.

    I’ll let you all know how it goes.

    I have happily used QBook Pro since it came out. I used Quicken before that. This current poor CS situation is outrageous. That a product sells so well they feel they can let users in need sink as they keep reeling in new business is not RIGHT.

  2. If you consider having to wait on the phone for 2 hrs. For a level 2 supervisor who never gets on the phone in the end …………. Well need I say more…..wonder what they’re gonna come up with next year????

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