Quicken Customer Service


Quicken’s easy-to-use tool categorizes transactions, sets
automatic budgeting goals, and shows you where to
save and when to splurge.

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5 Replies to “Quicken Customer Service”

  1. I am thinking of upgrading from a Quicken 2000 version to the current quicken version, would it be compatible with Windows 10 will my data (accounts and account balances) be converted to the new version ??

    Considering some of the above comments is there a local USA tel # I can reach for support and can I call them in two days to confirm any answer you send me… I am skeptical, please restore my faith in the computing world… in advance thank you

  2. Tried to download and open Quicken 2015 but for some reason it will not open. Spent all afternoon on the phone with tech support who could barely speak English and after 2 hours downloading redownloading and making changes to my computer finally gave up. It took another hour to delete the files and get my computer back to normal.. They have lost me as a customer. No customer service and poor customer support. Good thing I put it on my credit card so I can deny the charge. One star cause I can’t go lower.

  3. I think Quicken has decided to abandon their customers. They have a help line that simply says go to the website for help, then it hangs up on you. I have used quicken for years and their help was always reliable. Now there is no help. Thanks quicken I guess your profits are more important than your customers.

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