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Rachael Ray’s Magazine featuring 30 Minute Meals, budget recipes, dessert recipes, and cooking videos.

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  1. I can not even find where to cancel and this magazine keeps taking money out of my bank account…I hated the magazine the first time I ordered it and stated I would never order it again!!! Now I can’t get it stopped can anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I called to inform Rachel Ray I had forgotten to include the slip for the free crockpot cookbook when paying for my renewal and a gift. She was kind enough to inform me I am on the list to receive the free cookbook. I’m so happy! I absolutely love my magazines as well as my friend whom I sent the gift to!

    Thank you

  3. By telephone I tried to cancel the $12.98 charged to my VISA card for Rachel Ray Magazine which I did not authorize. The telephone help system is a JOKE, apparently no one is able to cancel an unwanted subscription. I do not like this magazine and do not read it.

  4. I sent you a check for $30.00 for 4 people, Paula Primrose, Alice Kegel, Mary Ellen George and Diane Moyer on 7/216 which was cashed. I keep getting renewal info in the mail. Why is this happening???

  5. I have cancelled my order for this magazine several times. It stops for 3-4 months then starts again. I have NOT requested a re-up, please cancel. I did request, and pay, for 2 yrs of HGTV. I haven’t received any of those. Maybe there was some confusion??

    Thank you

    Collyn Ann Fowler


  6. I did NOT subscribe to the magazine and have NO intention of reading anything the has Rachael Ray’s name on it…..let alone pay for it!



  8. I ordered the Rachael Ray Magazine for myself in October and then decided later to order one as a gift for a family member. My family member got her order right away, however I was still waiting for mine. I called customer service to find out what the hold up was and told by Morgan that it showed both orders, and because of they have no control over the mail, It could take up to six weeks for me to see my subscription. She gave me a deadline of December 2nd to see my magazine. If I didn’t see it by December 2nd I was to call back. I told her I found it odd that my order never came even though I paid for it and I ordered mine first. She said she saw where I paid for the order and again I should see it by December 2nd. I will be letting you know the outcome of this ordeal. If I don’t get the order I will be writing to Rachael myself and letting her know.

  9. Rachel Ray is my role model. I am a member of Pine Belt Christian Women’s Job Corp. We are taking a class called Building Our Dream Team. I have decided I want to be a chef. I need to find out certain information on her for my class and I do not really trust the internet to gather this information because you never know what to believe. How can I contact her or someone in her office. Someone please email me if you have any ideas. My email is


  10. I have been trying to find a phone number for Rachael Rae to let her know about the pans that my Granddaughter bought for me. I have been trying for a while now so I saw this thought I would tell you maybe you could get back with me. Frist my granddaughter name was Rachel Rae so of corse she loved Rachael Ray show and watched it everyday. She was even going to change her name because it was not spelled the same. She was born with spina bifda. She lived to be 41 and the last thing she bought me was a set of pans from Rachael Ray. The pans from day one peeled on the out side and then the large one the non stick came up to the top of the milk I had on to make coconut cream pie. I hope you can help me I would love the pans if this did not happen because my granddaughter Rachel got them for me. Thank you so much for reading this hope you can help me. I do not know where she got them all I know is that they came threw the mail. Lena

  11. I do not want to renew my subscription to Rachel Ray magazine. I initially subscribed to Rachel Ray magazine with the option of automatic renewal. Then I decided I wished to change my preference and NOT renew automatically. After VERY MUCH EFFORT, I was able to change my preference online and did it early enough. HOWEVER, my credit card was charged for an additional year.

    I can no longer access the Customer Service page to request they cancel the subscription immediately AND refund my money. This is very poor customer service and needs improvement – or could it be a gimmick to continuously keep the subscriptions coming in, at a higher price than the initial offer???? Either way, something has to be done.

  12. I had no problems with the customer service, I am very pleased. I googled “rachel ray customer service phone number” clicked the number, pressed 0 and spoke with a rep after about 60 sec. I gave her my new address, and renewed until next year for $5. She was friendly and knowledgeable.

    The value of this magazine is incredible. I do not have TV, so having new ideas and recipes mailed to me for pocket change is ideal! I dig these mini cook books.

  13. I don’t think its a good way to do business on the sly I bet a lot of people dont read the small print on your bill or any thing that comes from them its written that they will keep sending it and eventully bill you and it starts to get stickey, then if all else fails they will say that this mag could be reported to your credit account,!!! I like the magazine but dont care for there practice!!!they are locked in with a lot of other magazines who probely handle it pretty much the same I would check the address on the mag for that…. im sending a cancel for mag s that are togetherfor the second time to be sure they have it there I also scan the letter safe to check to see if they se same practice im canceling all my magazinesas of 8/12/15

  14. Had a difficult time locating a phone number. However, when I did make contact with a live person, my subscription issue was addressed. We shall await the results of my conversation. Marianne

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