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RealSpace Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help.

RealSpace is Office Depot‘s brand of office chairs, decor and furniture. Office Depot’s line is affordable and perfect for most offices and home offices. 

RealSpace by Office Depot Phone Numbers and Help Information

Customer Service: 1-800-463-3768

Corporate: 1–904-853-3768

Technical Support: 1-888-315-5073

Technical Sales: 1-800-721-8344

Help Website: Office Depot Contact Page


press 0 for an agent then say no and you will be transferred to a live person.

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RealSpace Customer Service
RealSpace Customer Service

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  1. I called the company for the 5 year warranty and they honored it right away without any issues. They will be sending the back rest, seat and arm rest. It was for a Fosner business chair.

  2. I purchased a Realspace® MFMC400 Bonded-Leather Multifunction Managerial Chair, Black (Item # 494164) in Nov 2014 for my home office. The seat cushion started to break down this month. I called customer service because it should be under warranty and the call was quick and easy. I gave them the information to verify my purchase, and my new seat should be on its way. I really like the chair and perhaps if others have the same problem, they will improve the longevity of the cushions. Thanks to others before me for publishing the warranty phone number, which was virtually impossible to find on the Office Depot web site. (800.949.9974)

    1. Thank You Eric, for posting the number to call for warranty. ( 800-949-9974). They made this a painless experience. I would buy this product again just because of the warranty and excellent customer service. All of my chairs are having trouble with the gas letting out. They are sending replacement.

    2. My son loved this chair, a little over 2 yrs now the entire seat and back are peeling! Office Depot offered no help other than to purchase a new chair. This model has been discontinued and unfortunately they have nothing comparable. So glad I found your post!! I now have a new replacement seat and back coming in 3 to 5 business days, and all I had to do was take pics of the damage and the labels underneath the seat. I couldn’t find my receipt but that was not an issue. THANKS ERIC!! 🙂

  3. I am the Assistant Store Manager at Office Depot and I have a customer who bought a chair about a year and a half ago and the hydraulic system is leaking and not holding. The customer is wondering if this is covered by the 5 year limited warrenty. Sku number on the chair is 494164.

    1. Did you ever get a resolution to this? My chair is doing the same thing. The hydraulic mechanism gradually slides the chair down and it’s making the use of it nearly impossible.

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