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  1. I was not notified that this magazine was ending!! I just renewed and paid this summer for another year. I also paid for two gift subscriptions for my daughters. I have loved Redbook for years and was not notified that it was ending. Where is my refund??? The last issue I received was October. I even emailed them and they said that I told them to discontinue it. I never did this!!! I renewed it!! So upset!!! I was also never told that I could get another magazine replacement. Very disappointed in this customer service!! When you go on the website all that comes up is errors and you can not contact anyone anymore!!

  2. I am 70 yrs. old and have been buying Redbook for many yrs. and only subscribed since 2015. I just renewed my subscription and was going to order 2 new ones for my daughters. Did not get November issue at all. No notice was given that mag was ending.
    Having enjoyed all the great info and ideas, I will miss this magazine. However, I’m extremely disappointed in the lack of courtesy by the Hearst company in regards to cancellation of magazine. Even though the mag was a great $ value, what happens to the rest of my subscription months? Did subscribers extra $ go to bonuses for upper management?

  3. I subscribed to Redbook July 2018 – I received 2 issues only and haven’t received any since. Just called and they are stopping Redbook – and am giving another magazine selection. They have no problem sending a renewal bill – maybe they should have told me this before I was on hold. After this won’t ever be ordering from Hearst Magazine again.

  4. Redbook magazine is ceasing publication and will no longer be published after the November/December 2018 issue. This was posted on Hearst’s website regarding Redbook.

  5. Dear Magazine, I have not been getting my Redbook Magazine. I have missed issues September, October, November. I do not know what happened to them. Our mail is horrible where I live. I hope some one will answer me back as soon as possible. Thank you for your help to this matter. My phone number is 704-905-6734 if you wish to call me back.

    1. We’re sorry, Redbook magazine is ceasing publication and will no longer be published after the November/December 2018 issue.

      I just saw this on the Hearst Magazine web-site. Nice they let us know! What about all the rest of our issues we subscriped to!

  6. Dear Magazine: I joined 4/18-Today I LEARNED THAT ITTAKES A WEEK TO PROCCESS THE ORDERS. I have spent the entire first week trying to cancel my prescription

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