Redbox places its red kiosks at select McDonald’s fast-food outlets, supermarkets, and discount stores. Customers can rent movies at the automated kiosk for $1 per night.

Redbox USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address<

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  1. I rented two movies on 4/10/14, returned both on 4/13/14. REDBOX charged me 7.70 for the movies and an additional 35.00 simultaneously. My bank statement is proof of this. Of course they say they never took the 35.00. Followed all their procedures only to be told to file a fraud alert with my bank. After reading these posts I believe REDBOX to be a VERY crooked outfit.

  2. The above is not redbox phone. Furthermore, redbox does not show how you can opt out of on line service when you are unable to obtain a password. BAD SERVICE

  3. Rented a movie on March 28th, around 9:30 PM. Returned movie on March 30th around the same time. Looked on my bank statement and found that I was charged three times for the same movie. Tried to call the customer service #, went through all the animated bull, and found myself listening to a dead phone. I find that this company needs to find a better way to comunicate with your customers and make it easier to follow up on our complaints. I use you because Comcast and Verizon are too expensive when renting a movie with them, but after using your rentals and all the extra charges I find on my statement that I am spending about the same amount of money,even more if you want to add the gas I use for the compute to your box. I wish to recieve a phone call from someone to remove the added charges from my account please.

    Thank you


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