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Republic Wireless offers unlimited voice, text, and data service for only $19 per month, with no contract.

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  1. Republic Wireless has NO customer service. They do not understand that concept. If you use Republic, you better be prepared for frustration. If you have technical problems with hardware or software you need to be a techie because any issues that you are faced with you will need to solve for yourself. Republic is NO help. SUCKS!! The only thing they have going for customers is price. But the crap you will be required to tolerate is ridiculous.

  2. Need info on basic plan for cell phone. What type of phone or can I have my own. Do not need internet just text and phone. Please send asap

  3. telephone contact service should be available to customers who need to give billing information to your company. When your 800 number is called, there is no possibility of speaking to a person. Very bad policy.

  4. I’ve had your phone for 2 weeks . we cannot get it to activate, get a account. or do anything we talk to you on cp

    most time never get a answer.. all the time it comes up fail configuration.. try again …try again.. you keep on telling

    me. also have went to factor reset several time. nothing. want to sent phone back we get no from help here either

    can you tell me how to send the phone back to you as it is no good to me like this..i need the shipping label or what every that is and address…my e-mail is and my phone is 803 644 6696

  5. My phone was turned off,in and gone the first week of February. I am still being billed for this phone and am very upset. I can’t get any person to help me or a phone number that gets me any help. If I can’t get a response and refund for the last 3 months that I haven’t had this phone, I am filling fraud charges against this company in 7 days. I am so sick of this crap of taking advantage of a 70 year old woman!!!!

  6. I heard pf Republic Wireless deals. So I attempted to call them to see how and what ount og coverage they have in my area. For ot runs pn Sprint. My mom has sprint, but when she is iny area. It doesnt get good coverage. So, I went to Spint to see. And Sprint advised me I wont have good Coverage in my area. But on the Republic Wireless coverage area on their website states I do have good coverage. So, I deceided to call them and ask them over the phone. I camt even reach a live person. Imagine if I really had the service. How wpuld I be anle to resolve issues just over their website!?!? I dont/ wont/ refuse to use a company that cant even allow thir custumers to converse with a LIVE PERSON!!!!!


  8. The “Community” through which people are supposed to receive service is the creepiest of places. They delete complaints they don’t like and there are a roving band of “amnassafors: whci seem to gang up on people who have legitimate complaints or comments. And it seems that if you dare to insist on asking for help, And I hear that if a user will not submit to their own brand of rtepression they simply block access, which safely keeps problems from public view. The tech of the phones seems fine but the support is the most bizarre and useless I have ever seen.

  9. Wish I had found this before, I,m waiting for my refund and all I to show is an email you can’t reply to saying my ticket has been closed. By who??? I/’m still waiting for contact from any real person and my refund. Buyer beware!!!!!!!

  10. I stalked the clark Howard website for a month trying to decide on what crappy cell phone carrier to go with when I heard about Republic wireless. I didn’t understand the concept and was nervous shelling out $300 for the moto x. But no contacts, unlimited data, and $25 ($29with taxes) a month…. I got over my fear and purchased it. I’ve had it since November 2013 and it’s almost July 2014. I love it, it works like a charm no hidden fees, no dropped calls (btw I live in Milwaukee so plenty of Hotspot to piggyback off of. Probably why I don’t have any problems.) a week after I got my phone my husband got one too. He hasn’t had any problems with his. A month ago my sister bought a Republic wireless moto G she loves it no problems so far, and her husband just purchased a Republic wireless phone for himself a week ago no problems… However, my 63 Year old dad wanted one too, so he bought it, instead of waiting for someone to set it up for him he tried doing it himself and had a little problem. I am trying to find a number so he can bother a poor customer service representative with his problems, but I can’t find a number. That’s why I took away a star. Love Republic wireless, but it might not be feasible for a tech challenged person. Mostly due to the apparent lack of customer support.

  11. Wow………terrible ratings, wondering if I bought the wrong phone. I am having a terrible time activating a new phone. Would be helpful to talk to a person…….PLEASE

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