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The Republican Party also known as the GOP (Grand Old Party), is the conservative party in the USA.

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  1. The american people

    Elect the president

    Not the RNC .,”If the RNC dey

    The people elects the

    President not the RNC.

    If the RNC Denies Donald the nomination.I’ll pull the Democrat lever and walk out the door

    In the election.

  2. I went to make a donation to the EMERGENCY APPEAL. The letter I received gives the on line email address as the “quickest way to donate” .

    Do you know…are you aware that the on-line method is inoperable!!. How can you allow that to happen at this critical time? Says volumes about the incompetence of the Republican Party of which I have been a member all my life.

    I’ll bet the Democrats don’t have these problems. Gosh, it’s shameful!

  3. I’m a Independent but I will more than likely vote for Trump because I like the way he thinks. People in my area don’t receive FOX news, unless, they pay a premium for the reception, if your poor, you have better use for your money! This is probably typical for other areas in the country, if they did receive FOX, they would think better of Trump, what they receive is news that is negative to Trump on all the other channels in this area and probably other areas of the country. I have Time Warner Communication (TWC)(855)256-8013 for my TV reception, I pay more for my package but I do get FOX news. If Trump talked to TWC and maybe pay for FOX news reception for the poor, they may make it cheaper for the poor people that do VOTE. The people that I talk too hate Trump because of what is said by the other channels that they perceive as the truth.

  4. I had sent a request for becoming a member of Republican Party in USA through your website this morning on 7.7.2014. I would like to know what is the status.

    Nisheeth Chandra

  5. The RNC continues to harass me by continuing to send me unsolicited donation requests even though I’ve repeatedly asked the RNC to stop many times–even sending a Return Receipt Request to the RNC in care of the lawyer (initials PR) and former RNC chairman from Madison Wisconsin. The continue harassment by him (RP), Scott Walker and others from Wisconsin (ie Paul Ryan) has completely destroyed any desire I have to support in any way any Republican candidate financially or at the ballot box.



  6. I’ve been in the Republican Party for my entire adult life.

    The way that I see it the leadership is not listening to me as well as many others in the party

    We want the White House back and for a so called leader to tell the party that what I and many in the party think is of no importance

    Well that doesn’t work for me and I will not go along with this railroad job that you think that you are going to try if the people vote for a particular candidate which is how I believe it works well then that’s what the people want

    Not to be told by the so called leaders who they are to vote for

    Romney had his chance and failed

    Now way would it matter to me what he thinks of trump

    If you believe that this is the best way for the party leaders to act well I’ll be one of the many people to say that this party is not me anymore

    And I vote if a 3rd party is the answer 1st you will lose and, unfortunately, that means I lose as well

    But here we sit

    Do the right thing the people vote and if that’s what the people want then give it to them

    I really don’t want to see this

    Maybe that’s what we need for the party to return to the people like me who feel that the leadership has failed us yet again

    The movement has begun and I will be a part of it

    If I need to vote 3rd party to get the best man for the job well so be it

    It’s time for change with the party and more importantly, it’s leadership

    I will be voting that way if need be

  7. Why is everone afraid of Donald Trump? The persons who have been elected to offices in both parties have failed miserably in their duties. Do they believe Mr. Trump may be capable of getting things done that they have not been successful in? Do the GOP leaders do not realize that if Mr. Trump loses the nomination after winning the voting that the only way the GOP wins is if Mr. Trump wins. If my vote is taken away it will be the last GOP vote that they will get from me or my family. If Mr. Trump is not nominated he will get my write in vote. Good luck because you are going to need it.

  8. I hope there is a silent majority that is going to win this for Trump. Yes he is very out spoken but at least he isn’ t Hillary. What has she done in 8 years or the president. By doing nothing but kissing butt to our enemines . Our country will change if she is our president. Do I like how he say’s things sometimes not. Do i like how my on party you guys have been doing things no. Many of us eould like to have the American dream. Think about us. Please get immigration out of the social security office. Pay back what you borrowed and give us a raise. give us back our entitlements . What we were getting was an agreement between the people and the government. Seniors paid their dues. Keep your part of the agreement. My money will go directly to the Trump campain . The ones who want him to bend to thire will are crazy. We agree with him and intend to support him. So go on and dump trump and we will dump the republican . Our choice not theirs.

  9. The party should realize the people are tired of the way thing are going in Washington and they wont a change. and the way the party’s is acting and you have help make it a joke and its not just Trumps. The party has let me down and its like forget about Hillary and the party is going to aloud her to walk in this race.

    It’s time the RNC stop acting like children and do what the people except from the RNC. Stop blaming Donald Trump for the way people are acting it’s the Democrat’s set up. I have 4 boy that I’m trying to make sure the pull the Republican level and they have had it with all the lies.

    They laugh about the way you made Trump promise that he would not go 3rd party and now the talk the if he win he primary your not goin to support him. I hope you stop and become the Great Party the Lincoln came from and Ron Regain can from.

  10. I got very angry when I learned Puerto Rico got to elect delegates to the Republican convention.They are not American citizens they have no right to elect delegates.I am for Ted Cruz. I will never vote for that con man Trump.It seems to me the republican party has done about everything it can to stop Cruz. I am about done with the republican party

  11. My family and I have decided to leave the Republican Party after this next election. You will neither receive any support for your candidates or funds from myself or any of my eleven adult family members. My country required my service in the draft. But my party feels my vote is not required when choosing a candidate for President

    Rev. H. Albert Quast

  12. Republican Party “elite, entitled, establishment, who ever the heck you are, you have done a terrible job! How dare you act all high and mighty to the members, WE The People, You don’t get to dictate to us or tell us what to do, who to vote for! I have given a lot of money, well a lot of money for me to this party and NEVER AGAIN! You work for us…. You are NOTHING without us. Do you hear me? NOTHING… You think we have to listen to you and walk in line with you… Screw you, the lobbyist, special interest, and your own agenda! We gave you the power, we elected a majority in congress then the Senate and you snubbed your snobby ass noses at us and we reject you! Get it, you had your chance and your arrogance that you are smarter and know better then us got us eight years of Obama! Trust us gone, money to you gone! Take your money and your egos and disappear. Stop the negative press and adds, Fox News now in the tank for you and your interest, screw Fox News as well! This is our party NOT YOURS and We The People want you OUT. You and your arrogance are so out of touch with the TRUETH and what We The Oeopke want, it is pathetic and you are pathetic. If you continue your righteous ways you will get Hillary and if that happens your party and power will surely be gone. GET OVER YOURSELVES AND YOUR SELFISH CRY BABY CRAP… YOU LOST YOUR OWN PARTY BY YOUR OWN ACTIONS! We The People will come together and nominate who we want and if you try and take it away from us at the convention That will be the last thing you ever do. Again we reject you, you loose! Stay the hell out of our way! You should be ashamed and are a disgrace to the Republicans who have been faithful to your lies. You don’t have to worry about the Democrats and Clinton, you have to worry about loosing your party by your own doing! I am not alone, I am the not so silent anymore majority. Watch out because we are voting loud and clear get your head out of your asses and listen or deal with the concequences of not having a party and Clinton destroying Anerica. Enough is enough. Shame on a You!

  13. Iwill never vote for Trump I WILL stay home if he became our representative of the GOP , Trump is aLIveral democrat from NEW YORK .

  14. I voted for both the Bush presidents. I now see a side to the family that really disturbs me. We have to be fair. All the people here not legal are hard working. They receive money assistance , food stamps and housing. Not just south of the border but from every where. There children get free education. Our country is becoming a free zone. There has to be the same rules for all immigrants.We know what we can take on , not some Union pushing mass immigration on us. we have We have people who are sleeping in the streets. Lots of homeless vets. Now we have someone running for president who is putting us first. Our party is pig headed and refuses to support the man we chose. So I guess you do not like It was our decision so get over it and unite. I implore every one to check out the Muslin Bible. Anyone who lives by it and believes it is not our friend. That book was written by a mad man. Please check it out and decide for yourself. The ones we have elected will surely not get our votes next time. I truely resect Mr. Caine and I think Mr. Trump regrets his wordsand when he will say sorry but it will be between them. This fight between Mr. trump and the mom and dad who lost their son . It was a set up. Hillary the witch is at it again. She is a criminal, she lies. She lied to moms and the American people. Her and our president are guilty of our men and women who were serving this country to loose their lives. . I would like to know more about the father of the young muslin son who was killed in the line of duty. News Max had some very interesting details about him. To the Bush family and others support our party . It should be about what the people you serve wants not your wants. Have compassion to what to much immigration is doing to us. My social security has been cut to 185.00 a month. We do not want disability we worked and earned social secuirty and yet you cut our bei Please renifits . Why ! I am working part time , still paying in and someone on disability gets over seven hundred dollars a month. You decided not to give us a raise Why! The line of immigrants from every where gets longer and longer and my check as other seniors gets less and less. My point is this country is broke and stop lying to us. We need diffrent ,a change. Also we need a law to stop people from burning our flag. Kick them out of the coun try. .I hope this party gets a grip because if not a 3rd party is about to rise..


  15. After 50 years of support, I now remove myself from the Republican Party for their not fully supporting Trump as as their candidate as defined by the convention. I fully back Trump regardless of the Republican Party’s leadership direction.

  16. hallo there at usa,i donated 25 dollars to you,then you were about to send me an xl t shirt ,red one ,with ronald reagan on the chest,i live at 72 pindou street,moschato,athens,greece pc 18344,and not usa,so the item could not be delivered to me,i would feel very proud,after our victory,to wear this t shirt and showthose down here that we are back for good,will you please inform me if it is to be sent to me??what the cost of this shipping is??

  17. The RNC Establishment are really getting goofy. You have no right to tailor who you want. The people decide who they want. You are playing games and we have no time for that. Also why wasn’t there a big stink about what the Cruz Organization did to Dr. Carson in Iowa? Why wasn’t Cruz band from running? He is just down right dishonest and a total joke. Rubio was and is a bum. He’s just a fresh face you guys brought out thinking he would be your golden boy to put in as your puppet. You guys are doing what was done for the almost past 8 years. Just putting who you want like the present jackass democrat we have now. This is a country by the people and for the people. You politicians are just like a bunch of mini dictators. You need to go back to study the constitution real quick!

  18. Can’t believe the Republican Party is one of the corrupt organizations that the people are sick of in Washington D. C. I’m a conservative and have felt the Rep. Party has not been fighting for us since we help elect the Republicans. Is it worth losing ………… evidently you are more worried about your status and perks…not the people. So I guess keeping your status is worth more than winning an election. This Country has people working against it and evidently the Republican Party is one of them. We have a chance this year of bringing our jobs back to the United States, keeping illegals out and taking the jobs away from Americans. Building our armed forces to keep American safe……………..but the Rep. Party is more interested in their agenda. I used to donate…..will not ever donate again unless I feel the Party is supporting the nominee that THE PEOPLE voted for. Miss Jones

  19. If all the idiots in the Republican Party ( leaders and voters both) don’t see the light pretty soon and join forces to defeat the Dems in November and Hillary in 2016, this country will be lost. The current stupid infighting is exactly what the liberal Dems and their progressive friends want to continue with their executive orders, voter fraud, and dividing the country via racist attacks. They will gain complete power over all of us. WAKE UP! The art of successful politics is the art of compromise and good communication. Nobody gets everything they want in politics. Divide yourself with petty squabbles, and you will lose big and no longer be an effective party for doing anything.

  20. Get your stuff together or you will be losing 2 Members before long. With the majority of you trying to custom tailor the up coming up for the 2016 election ie: removing Trump or Carson, you are playing against what I joined the RNC for. Keep it up and you will be the cause of any failures you are engineering. We must win… You are setting us up for a fall.

  21. I will not stay home!! I will vote for ANYONE or ANYTHING against ted cruze. Making John Kasich drop out of the race doesn’t mean they are stupid enough to vote for that idiot. I am an ex-GOPer as of now.

  22. Ditch the Rhinos, if Trump runs third party he gets my vote. If he’s not the Rep. Candidate my family and Ii stay home.

  23. “Liberal thinking never works”, get with the program, Trump is right. America needs another Reagan, not a wus! Money backers may have the “Cash”, But we have the votes!

    If the Republican party is to survive, then the Party better cut spending dramatically and stand up to the Liberals,

    otherwise we and the country are done!

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